Qualities of Natural Dog Food – 2024 Pet Guide

It is known to all that diet and health depend on each other greatly. This means that if an animal receives the right quantities of healthy ingredients in its diet, then that would mean that it will thrive well. On the other hand, if a dog gets too much or even too little of something in the diet then health problems will occur.

Most of the health problems that strike a dog, from irritation of the skin to digestive problems are well associated with the diet. If all these are not tackled in the early stages, then they can lead to more severe problems which can cost you your friend.

Just by a simple change of your dog’s diet, most of these can be totally eliminated. Embracing the natural dog food is the way to go, since the best ingredients are in use. The following are some of the qualities that distinguish dog food that is natural from the lower grades foods.

Low protein

If a food of a dog is in excessive of proteins, then this can result into undesirable health problems. A highly excessive food can be responsible for behavioral problems in dogs. This can be even worse if the protein is derived from inappropriate meat. Natural dog food should be low in protein. It should be actually about 20% of what is present in adult’s foods. The other thing is that it should be sourced from very high meat content.


A good natural dog food should be free from wheat, soya, dairy products, pork, maize or any other form of chemical additives. The best food should contain only one of the proteins, in order to be best suited for dogs that have particular food allergies or even intolerance.

Highly palatable

All good natural foods for dogs should be palatable. This can be made possible by using top quality ingredients, in this case high fresh meat content that makes most dogs find natural dog food irresistible. When all this is considered, there will be no need to add any flavors, salt or fats among others in order to make your dog eat.

Easily digestible

Food for the dogs that is natural should incorporate high quality, natural ingredients which have no by-products, fillers or even bulking agents. When all these terms are fulfilled, the resulting food is made easy to digest, thereby able to maintain the health of all dogs, including even the most sensitive ones.

Meat rich

As we all know, dogs are carnivorous and therefore their foods should be rich in meat. The kind of meat to be given to the dog should be from high meat content. The food should be formulated in a way that will help recreate the natural diet of the dog.

100% natural

Good food for your dog should be truly balanced. A combination of wide range of vegetables, whole grains and herbs among others is very important as this will not necessitate addition of other artificial vitamins or minerals.

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