Best Places to Visit for a Perfect Walking Holiday

The pleasant weather of England and the abundance of greenery is what draws tourists to the United Kingdom. The best way to explore this eclectic country is through a walking holiday. The vibrant palette of colors that paint this country is beyond amazing and the seasonal changes only further enhance the beauty. When you pick any of the walking tours from, not only will you understand which popular landmarks to visit, you’ll also be given the opportunity to look back at the rich history this country has to offer. Here are the ten best places in England for a perfect walking holiday.

1. South Downs Way

Although you wouldn’t be too far away from London while walking down this path, there is still a sense of remoteness and tranquilness in this path. For the best experience, start your hike from Winchester, which is the ancient capital of England, and then go through the coastal white cliffs towards Eastbourne town. If this is your first walking holiday, South Downs Way is perfect for you as it is easily accessible and the path is pretty easy to navigate as well.

Duration: 9-12 days

Path length: 100 miles

2. Northumberland Coast Path

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Blow away your worries and commence an invigorating walk through the beautifully wild Northumberland Coast. On your way, stay the nights in any of the traditional coastal communities for an unforgettable experience. Follow this route etched in history to encounter Lindisfarne’s atmospheric settings, Warkworth’s spectacular castles, Bamburgh and Dunstanburgh before finally reaching the scenic Berwick-upon-Tweed town.

Duration: 5-7 nights

Path length: 60-64 miles

3. Cotswold Way

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There is no better way to get familiar with the UK’s pleasant and scenic land than striding through the Cotswold Way which is about 100 miles away from London. This path takes you through beautiful woodland tracks, tranquil meadows, and the typical English villages. Before you descend in the picturesque Broadway villages, treat your eyes with the surrounding scenery from the Broadway Tower. After this, the path takes you through Winchcombe and Chipping Campden along the spa city of Bath.

Duration: 6-11 days

Path length: 45-100 miles

4. Dales Way

Are you coming to the UK to experience your first long-distance walking holiday? Dales Way is the perfect start to your walking holiday! Follow the path through the Lake District National Park and the Yorkshire Dales to witness the most picturesque spreads of nature. Walking is the best way to explore this wonderful paradise as you get to experience the rolling tranquil fields, quaint villages of Yorkshire and serene riverside paths leading to the sprawling beauty of Windermere Lake.

Duration: 7-8 days

Path length: 80 miles

5. Border Abbeys Way

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Through this walking path, you will get a chance to witness the quintessential charm of the Scottish borders. It goes along the truly beautiful Tweed River through the old market towns and green meadows. One of the most striking features of this path is the ruined abbeys which are an absolute treat to the eyes. This route perfectly introduces the charm of Scottish Borderlands in a wonderful way. This route is relatively easy and is perfect for first-timers. You can walk at a gentle pace while enjoying the scenic beauty over the hills of Eildon and through the Border Abbeys of the 12th century to finally reach your destination.

Duration: 6-8 days

Path length: 68 miles

6. Glyndwr’s Way

This path follows a horseshoe line which passes through the extended green valleys and the rejuvenating towns of Radnorshire Hills. This place has experienced a turbulent past during the bygone era due to the remoteness of its location. Surprisingly, the beauty and charm of this place remain unchanged and must be experienced by every nature lover. This path will take you through the historic hill country of Wales where you would hardly witness any crowd. The solitude and unspoiled beauty of this path are what makes it extremely popular among the visitors.

Duration: 6-15 days

Path length: 75-130 miles

7. Guernsey

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Guernsey is an underdeveloped and a wild part of the Channel Islands and is best navigated by foot. It displays the intersection of Anglo and Gallic culture and features truly endearing backdrops. The walking routes here would lead you to the secluded Guernsey bays with stunning cliffs in the background. Make sure that you visit the tranquil Sark island where all forms of transport are banned making it perfect for those who want to leisurely relax amidst natural wonders.

Duration: 5-6 days

Path length: 35-40 miles

8. The Llyn Coastal Path

Begin your walking holiday in the UK by evading through the Llyn Coastal Path which starts from Caernafon or Bangor located on the Menai Straits. Then, this path heads out to the far west towards the Welsh mainland. At Aberdaron, the path goes back along the Cardigan Bay on the southern coastline to Porthmadog. This entire path rewards the hikers with stunning views in every direction, with Irish Coast in the west, Snowdonia in the east, Amngelsey in the north and Ynys Enlli in the south.

Duration: 5-13 days

Path length: 40-110 miles

9. Beacons Way

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Are you on the lookout for an adventure? Beacons Way offers the most challenging walk and gives you that sense of achievement upon successfully finishing the hike. It encompasses the wildest countryside in the UK which makes it pretty intriguing to navigate. Along the walk, you will notice the grand scenic splendor surrounding you with glimpses of Brecon Beacons National Park. the spectacular panoramic views offered by this path extends up to Bristol Channel and Snowdonia.

Duration: 9-10 days

Path length: 100 miles

10. Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Pembrokeshire Coast was voted by National Geographic as the top coastal destination in the world. The path which leads to Pembrokeshire Coast is a nature lover’s paradise with miles of dramatic and wild cliff scenery. This path will take you through several hidden bays and tranquil beaches. Also, this is the only coastal national park in the UK where the wildlife stays well protected. When you are here, do not miss a chance to visit Skomer Island to witness the Puffin flocks.

Duration: 6-17 days

Path length: 20-186 miles

The aforesaid walking trails are ideal for those who love to soak in every view and experience and enjoy a holiday at their own pace. So, put on your  walking boots and gear up for an exciting adventure through a walking tour in England. Select any of the intriguing walking tours from the above list and have the most memorable time of your life!

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