Provence Walking Tour Tips ─ 3 Things to Expect

Provence is well-known for its stunning scenery, light, and colors. Especially the amazing Lavender fields, which make the scenic beauty ravishing. As a result, the region is connected with more than its fair share of talented artists.

Many notable artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso are from this beautiful area and there are more things that are yet to be discovered by you.

How To Start With The Provence Trip?

When you are done looking at the whole area with vehicles, drive into the lower town after parking your automobile. When the castle was in full swing, the residents resided in the lower town. The little alleyways and stone cottages have been transformed into restaurants, tourist stores, and museums, so you will have plenty of places to explore.

While some argue that the tourism trade has infiltrated the small town, there is still a lot of history within these walls. You can learn more about Provence, and Looking beyond the tourist stores and into tiny, apparently vacant passageways is the key to exploring the lower town. Look up above the souvenir shop fronts to find historical relics buried in the stone walls. By walking, you tend to know more about the place, but for that, you need some important tips so that you can easily have a great trip.

Things To Expect From The Provence Walking Tour

If you want to visit the highlights then it is important for you to know about some of the main places that show the real culture of France. You can visit the pope’s second residence on a guided tour of Avignon that includes a visit to the 14th-century Papal Palace. Also, you can hike across the countryside to the soaring aqueduct of the Pont du Gard and Orange’s Roman theater, one of the best-preserved historic ruins.

When you have decided to go for a walk in Provence, you must know what all things you will explore and how you must utilize your time by visiting some of the best places that can make your trip memorable and full of discovering new cultures and astonishing sites. Further, we will talk about all the things you can expect to find and tips to do that in the right way.

If you are planning to go for a walking tour in Provence, you must reach out to a good service provider that can help you and guide you to look out the whole place and not miss out on anything. If you are searching for the best tour guides and everything related to the tour, you can click here and learn more about it in detail.

1. Wine And Good Food

You already know that France is known for its amazing dishes. France is a gourmet paradise, but specific locations provide special flavors that cannot be found elsewhere; Provence is one of them. If you are a food lover and love to try different cuisines, you must visit certain places in Provence.

Learn to create the Provençal cuisine that has given the region its culinary fame, marketplaces, tour wineries, and olive orchards. Learn from the locales and the chefs who have been doing it for a long time.

Discover Provence’s legendary olive fields and wine farms near Fontvieille in the Alpilles Mountains. You can go there and see how the whole process is done; you will see the production. First, learn about the olive oils of the region at a 13th-century Provençal farmhouse, where you’ll also take a cookery lesson. You can have lessons which you can easily do just by having a walking trip. Then, through the Alpilles Nature Reserve, take the Route de Vins, stopping at four wine estates. Also, you can have the taste of bougie wine.

2. Explore The Astonishing Lavender Fields

You must know that Provence is known for its lavender field, which every person wants to see if they are visiting this place. A journey to Provence would be incomplete without a visit to the Lavender fields. Tourist attractions are popular for a reason, as is the case with Lavender and Provence! This place is one of the biggest attractions you should visit. A Lavender tour in Provence will teach you everything you need about France’s purple gold.

The beautiful Lavender fields are considered purple gold because of their scenic view. Sault, which is also known as the Lavender capital of Provence, and Roussillon are two of the gorgeous Lavender districts. If you are visiting Provence, which is famous for its Lavender fields and rustic landscape. This adventure’s highlights include:

  • A typical Provençal market.
  • The lovely hilltop hamlet of Gordes.
  • The Lavender Museum.
  • The Senanque Abbey.

You must visit this place if you want to explore one of the most beautiful sites.

3. Discover Full Of Culture Cities And Villages

Walking through the fields, you tend to know more about the history and culture. When you reach different cities and villages near Provence, as Provence is the larger city of the region, it has many beautiful sites you can enjoy that you might not find in other places. Provence is a historical gold mine with several attractive towns and villages to visit.

First, explore Aix-en-lovely Provence’s streets and marketplaces while sampling the region’s characteristic food. When walking on the roads, you must also ask about the navigation from nearby people so that you don’t get lost, as the streets might be a little confusing or simply get help from the guide. Then see medieval Avignon and the hilltop villages of the picturesque Luberon.

Aix-en-Provence is well-known for its distinct cultural history, which is rich in customs and art. If you are an art lover, you can visit the Romanesque/Gothic Saint-Sauveur Cathedral and the 14th-century Town Hall on a walking tour through this attractive city’s maze of small, cobblestone alleys. Try to talk to the locales because they might know the hidden gems that can help you know even more deeply about the area.


This article will work for you as a guide and provide you with all the things you must know about a beautiful place like Provence and what you can expect from it.

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