What to Expect When Choosing Tours to Puglia

Tours to Puglia may not have been your first choice but it is certain to be the best decision you have ever made.

Anyone can book a vacation to a beach and spend the majority of their time enjoying the sand, sun, and sea. There is nothing wrong with this type of vacation. But, you’ll find it infinitely more pleasing to sample genuine tours to Puglia with

Where Is Puglia


If you think of Italy as a boot then Puglia is the region in the heel. It’s in the southeast of the country and sits on the Adriatic sea to one side and the Mediterranean on the other. Impressively, this small region has approximately 80km of coastline.

You can explore it by car or see specific sections with Puglia bike tours.

The area is home to two main airports in the cities of Bari and Brindisi. These cities are also ports and experienced travelers may have used them as a launching point to Greece, there are regular ferries.

Why Puglia Tours Are A Good Idea

The Puglia region is not as well known as many other areas in Italy. This works in your favour as the tourist sites are less populated, allowing you to enjoy them properly.

But, what is amazing is the lack of popularity when you consider the array of things to do and see in this region. Puglia has a long history and an impressive collection of UNESCO sites to illustrate that history. The ancient Greeks were known to live in the area, as did the Romans, Turks, Normans, and even the Spanish ruled it at one point.

In fact, it was only in 1860 it officially became part of the United Kingdom of Italy. All these civilizations have left their mark, making this an area full of fascinating sites.

Combine that with the stunning beauty of the area and you’ll quickly realize why Puglia tours are essential. You simply can’t see everything in a standard vacation.

Alongside this, the best tours of Puglia will give you the opportunity to interact with locals and sample the local culture, cuisine, and wines. That’s an experience that will stay with you forever.

What To Expect When Taking Tours To Puglia

Puglia wine is known to have a strong character and distinctive flavour. It’s well regarded in the wine community. If you are visiting the area you’ll be able to undertake Puglia winery tours. These allow you to see how the wine is made and even help with grape picking if you wish. Best of all, you’ll get to sample the wines. That’s a great reason to take tours to Puglia!

But, that’s not all you can expect:

Immersive Experience

A key factor of the best tours of Puglia is that you get a fully immersive experience. Whether you want to visit the UNESCO sites, see ancient fishing villages, regard the traditional houses, or simply sample the wine, you will be immersed in the culture.

The locals open up their homes to you, sharing their traditions and making you feel like one of the family. It’s hard to get that experience and feeling without a tour guiding you to the right places!

Unknown Attractions


The best part of taking a local tour is that you’ll get to see all the sites the locals know about. These are the people that live in Puglia all year round and no one knows the area better. You’ll see the sites that the average tourist can see. But, with a tour, you’ll get to see a little more that others don’t know about and are unlikely to find.

This makes the entire experience more rewarding.

New Friendships

The Italians have a reputation for being friendly, loud, and lovers of style, culture, and food. It’s a well-earned reputation and also makes them some of the best hosts in the world. You’ll discover this as you take the tour and there is always the opportunity to make new friends.

You’ll find Italians make friends for life and you’ll always be welcome back!



Most people are becoming more aware of the damage humans can do to the planet and are doing their best to minimize this. It helps to know that tours of Puglia are designed to minimize environmental impact, helping to protect the planet.

It’s a good reason to use the best Puglia tours.


You may be surprised to find that Puglia tours don’t need to be pre-ordained by the tour guide. You can work with the best firms to create your own agenda and make sure you experience everything you want to while visiting this fascinating region.

Trulli Houses


In Alberobello, Puglia, there is still an abundance of traditional houses, generally referred to as Trulli. These houses are circular with tall roofs. There are plenty of civilizations that have used this type of house but what is impressive and memorable is that these are still lived in.

They have to be seen to be believed.

Local Food

Italy is famous for pizza and pasta but the Puglia region has its own type of pasta, orecchiette pasta. It’s ear-shaped and handmade locally, it is also a treat to sample.

This region also makes burrata cheese, a mixture of mozzarella and Stracciatella cream. The tour will let you see how this is created as well as allow you to sample it. That’s hard to beat!

You should also sample the bread in Matera, it is unique

Final Thoughts On Tours To Puglia

It isn’t surprising if you haven’t considered tours to Puglia before. It is one of the lesser-known regions of Italy. However, it is definitely somewhere you should be planning to visit soon. The tours will allow you to experience all of the above and you’ll quickly realize that this may actually be the best region of Italy.

You’ll then appreciate the fact it is less-known because that makes it easier for you to enjoy the experience and interact with the locals.

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