Can’t Decide which New Video Game to Play? Here Are a Few Tips

Choosing a new favorite video game may not seem like a complicated thing to you, but when you see how much is on offer, it becomes clear that you may need some help. The choice mostly depends on what your favorite type of game is. Then you can choose whether you want to play free games or subscribe to premium versions and get full access to the official version of the game.

Of course, you also need to decide if you have a specific genre. The games vary from simple puzzles to complex military strategies. What’s important is to choose exactly the kind of game you want to play, instead of wasting time on something that won’t be interesting to you. So, if you want to play games like Coin Master and Candy Crash, it’s only your decision, just like the online casinos or the interesting games that you can find here.

So, if you need practical gaming tips, here’s what we’d recommend:

1. Decide if you want to pay for the game


Many games such as this selection of car games are free, but you have to watch ads or agree to some kind of data exchange for commercial purposes. There are games that have a limited free version, for which you can pay if you want access to more benefits. And of course, there are those games that you have to buy in order to play.

Of course, this decision depends only on you and your preferences. You can stick to the simple games that do not require any investment from you, but you can also choose one in which you will invest both your time and some money.

It is not mandatory to subscribe to the full versions, but sometimes you can do it to get better game settings and equipment. And if you don’t want to ever pay for games, then find your favorite free games service and stay loyal there.

2. Find your favorite genre of games

What does it mean to have a favorite video game genre? Some people love strategy war games and would be constantly focused on something like that. Others, on the other hand, prefer action without any violence. There are gamers who would constantly play vehicle racing, but also those who want something simple, such as puzzle games or mini-games in which the participant has to pass certain obstacles.

There’s no need to choose something that isn’t to your taste just because it’s popular at the moment or your friends play that type of game. To have fun, stick to your own tastes and principles. We don’t all like the same things, and that also applies to the video games you’ll fill your free time with.

3. Do your research before you start playing


What you need to do before subscribing or downloading the game, is short research related to the type of game and the skills required. Each genre of games requires different skills from you. For example, problem-solving skills will be useful in games that require you to use logic and reasoning.

Additionally, making a decision in a short period of time is also essential to your strategy. You can focus on multiple aspects, but also add creativity to the way you play.

There are also games that require you to pay attention to details, make smart decisions, coordinate, communicate, or spot problems. Each game comes with certain requirements from you, which over time you will practice more and improve your own skills.

Many people think that games are a waste of time, but it has been clear for years that in fact many games are made to create a pattern of learning and practicing skills.

4. Check if the game is compatible with your device

Often people have problems with the compatibility of games, especially when it comes to actions and strategies. Big games also require powerful computers, so that all the details can be processed in a timely manner. What you can do is do one more quick research before subscribing to any game.

Of course, small lightweight games are also compatible with mobile devices, since they do not require too many resources to be played. But the more demanding the game is, in terms of skills, the more technical resources are needed to be able to play it without problems.

You should understand that having powerful gaming equipment is not a requirement to be good at a game. Just go with what you have so you don’t have to get frustrated that your device won’t load the game properly.

On the other hand, even the cheapest computers and smartphones these days are powerful enough that you should have no problem playing your favorite games.

5. Focus on the fun


Remember that games are meant to entertain you, not frustrate you. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they get used to the game and it becomes part of their life and everyday life. Instead, set an exact time in which you will play, and do not step on the principles that you have set for yourself.

Instead of getting annoyed, have fun while playing the game. Don’t spend too much time playing, but instead, dedicate only a few hours during the week and save your progress. If you’re playing live strategy, it’s very easy to lose track of the elapsed time.

So remember that fun should come first unless you want to become a professional gamer and earn money from your activities. And that is an option, but then you have to dedicate yourself much more and find exactly that game with which you vibe the most and of course, a team or partners with whom you would grow together.


We have shared with you 5 practical tips that can help you find the video game of your dreams. Of course, we have also explained various aspects that can also be of help to you. It is up to you to apply what you like and discard what is of no value to you. But remember, unless you want to be a pro, it’s fine to use the game just for fun anyway.

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