6 Ways on How to Spend a Long Weekend in Melbourne

So you’re lucky enough to be spending a weekend in Australia’s Capital City! Melbourne is the perfect place for a cosmopolitan weekend. The city is widely known as a foodie destination, thanks to its cultural diversity. Not only this, but Melbourne’s many coffee shops have earnt it the title of the coffee culture capital of the world. So if you’re ready for a weekend of indulgence, then you’ve probably come to the right place. These are the stops that you really shouldn’t miss.

1. Start Your Day The Right Way


It would be crazy to visit the coffee capital of the world and not start your morning with a cup of the good stuff. Thankfully you’ll be well catered for whichever area of the city you’ll be staying in, but if you feel like treating yourself to the ultimate coffee morning then head to Seven Seeds. Owned by Mark Dundon and Bridget Amor, this coffee shop is often heralded as the beginning of Melbourne’s coffee revolution.

Before Seven Seeds opened, Melbourne had mastered the strong black espresso, but that was about it. This business duo began roasting their own beans which would suit pour-over methods. They succeeded in blending beautifully light and flavourful beans, which make for a well-rounded morning coffee. An in-house bean brew is surely a good idea for tourists, but if you fancy something different there’s a regular rotation of single-origin beans.

2. Soak Up Some Casino Culture

Once you’re rolling round to the end of the evening, there’s one place that you must pop your head into before calling it a night. A visit to the Crown Melbourne Casino is a must for anyone with even a passing interest in poker. The Crown is probably most famous for holding the Aussie Millions Championship and is frequented by some of the true legends from the scene. Antanas Guoga is one such player who is famous for his relentless taunting at the table.

Whether you’re lucky enough to bump into Antanas or not, you’ll be sure to have great fun exploring some of the games that are on offer at the Crown. The croupiers are generally a very friendly bunch and will even help you through some of the rules if you’re a beginner. Of course, if you aren’t feeling like learning a new game then the slot machines are beginner-friendly and a fun way to spend a while.

3. Explore Some Nature


Whilst it’s easy to spend a weekend walking on nothing but concrete in Melbourne, sometimes feeling the grass under your toes and the wind in your hair is necessary. Although Melbourne isn’t always celebrated for its natural beauty, it does have one particularly pretty string to its bow. Melbourne has an enormous Royal Botanic Garden, which is right in the center of the city. The gardens are based around a beautiful ornamental lake and a spot on the lawns here is the perfect place to enjoy a lunchtime picnic.

Once you’ve picnicked really take time to explore all the nooks and crannies of the gardens. The Royal Botanic Garden is home to an incredible 8,500 species of plant, as well as huge, mature trees and lots of pondlife too. After a couple of hours strolling around the chances are you’ll be ready to try one of Melbourne’s foodie hotspots.

4. Treat Yourself to Some Tapas

Caption: A plate of Ibérico ham is super simple, but truly delicious.

Iberian restaurant Bar Lourinhã is home to perhaps the best tapas in Melbourne. Sit down at the welcoming bar and order from the extensive drinks list. Once you’ve settled in with a drink in hand, take your time to decide on a few plates to try. The tapas menu is ever-changing, but there’s usually some beautifully nutty Iberico ham which is a must-try. Croquetas are also a Spanish essential and Bar Lourinhã make particularly delicious ones stuffed with rich blood sausage. If you spot anything with chorizo in it, then be sure to get a plate of that too. The bar makes their own chorizo in-house and it is to die for. Once you’ve picked your plates, sit back, relax, and enjoy an evening of food, drink, and people-spotting out of the big bay windows.

5. Get sporty in the city


If you are passionate about the world of sports, Melbourne has endless possibilities to offer you. Known as the sport capital of Australia, in Melbourne you can enjoy a wide variety of sports. The best known and practiced is undoubtedly cricket, if you have the opportunity, you can not miss a match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the largest cricket stadium in the country with a capacity of up to 100,000 spectators. In addition to that, Melbourne also has three world-class events: the Moto GP Grand Prix held at Phillip Island, the Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park and the Australian Open tennis tournament, the first of the four Grand Slams held in January at Melbourne Park.

Undoubtedly, Melbourne offers endless possibilities for sports lovers that can surely make your stay in the Australian city a non-stop adrenaline, passion and fun.

6. Soak on the beach

The Australian climate is known for being warm and temperate, so depending on the time of year you visit Melbourne, you may want to cool off on one of its amazing beaches. Some of them are a bit far from the city, but they are a must on any visit to Melbourne. The best known beaches are St Kilda Beach, the closest to the city and where you can see people enjoying water sports such as kite surfing or paddle surfing. It also has a promenade where you can relax after the bath watching the beauty of the place.

You also have other options, although these are less known for being a little further away from the city and require you to take a means of transport such as ferry or bus to reach them, such as Brighton Beach, Mordiallon Beach or Sorrento Beach, undoubtedly the three most recommended by visitors to the Australian city.

Without a doubt, you are now looking forward to a long weekend in Melbourne more than ever.

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