Things to Know Before You Get a Pet Plan!

Did you know that up to 70% of American households have at least one pet? Well, research reveals that there are numerous pet parents all over the U.S., which means that several veterinary-related industries try to take advantage of this particular niche of customers. And when you think that almost all pet parents will do anything to keep up their furry friend’s health, you automatically discover that you must research such services before purchasing. Many providers seek to make a profit and sometimes fail to offer the qualitative services they promised.

On the other hand, this skepticism and lack of information make many pet owners avoid pet insurance and pray for the best for their pets. Still, those pet parents might find themselves in financial distress when an emergency occurs. Studies show that most pet owners don’t understand how pet plans work, and they don’t seem to get an accurate depiction of why veterinary services are so costly.

So, are pet plans worth the money?

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Market research reveals that pet parents feel like their pets are a member of the family, while up to 79% of the study’s respondents admitted they feel awful if their pet doesn’t eat qualitative food similar to what are they eating.

Specialists estimated that this year solely more than 18 billion dollars went on veterinary services, which in turn increased the purchase rate for pet plans. In 2018, North America experienced an increase in pet plans purchase for up to two million animals, which led to an astounding one billion in premiums. But before you jump into such plans, read on to discover what you need to consider before choosing such coverage.


The first thing you need to contemplate is how a pet plan will fit your budget. The standard price for such insurance needs to be paid monthly, and it is established based on the plan you want, your animal and its breed, and, of course, on the provider’s terms and conditions. Overall, you can pay a monthly fee that ranges from $10 to $80 per month. But keep in mind that affordable policies feature high deductibles, annual caps, and many restrictions concerning coverage.

Furthermore, even the most expensive pet plan might not offer you a 100% reimbursement, while many providers will have you pay upfront the expenses and request a refund.


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A frequent question is related to the type of coverage you will receive. You should know that most providers won’t cover pre-existing health problems or hereditary issues. And if your pet has a health problem, you might want to consider an alternative to pet plans, as providers charge higher fees for such situations.

Pet plans might offer reimbursements for surgical interventions, emergency vet visits, hospitalization, or anything else that happens all of a sudden. Also, you might find a plan that covers standard vet care, like annual appointments. Yet many providers might request and additional policy to access such standard amenities.

Keep in mind that services like grooming will most likely not benefit from reimbursement, meaning you should only get a pet plan if you seek to receive help in case of unexpected events, rather than basic pet needs.

What do experts recommend?

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Some vet doctors advise that specific situations make pet plans not worth at all. But other veterinarians stress the need to have coverage for emergencies with the help of such insurances.

Indeed, paying a monthly fee to have access to additional funds in case of a pet emergency might be helpful if you want to avoid financial distress. At the same time, the monthly fee might not be worth your time, as you will most likely get standard coverage for non-emergency events.

What to do if you don’t have a pet plan?

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After studying the difficulties of pet plans, you might determine that such an approach is not an excellent solution for you and your furry friend. There are some alternatives, including a savings fund. This can be instantly accessing in case of an emergency, while the money will remain in your possession if your pet stays healthy. Still, the downside of this is that it will take some time to save a decent amount of money.

Anyway, you can always ask for your vet’s help, as several offices offer the opportunity to cover for your expenses via payment plans. This will enable you to care for your pet and avoid affordable euthanasia while managing the payment during a pre-determined period.

Pet plans are not in the preferences of many pet parents. The prices might be too much, and the reimbursement too low. So, it is reasonable to think twice before getting insurance. And a savings account might help you more depending on your financial status. But in the end, this is a matter of personal choice. For some, pet insurance is worth and fits their monthly budget, while for others, it isn’t. Our advice is to research a provider and its plans thoroughly before deciding on this topic. In such a case, trustworthy Petinsurancefinder will be a great helper to get all necessary information about different pet insurance companies and choose the best one. And, of course, always read the terms and conditions to get a clearer understanding of what you will or will not receive.

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