How Are Cats Better as Pets Scientifically?

Finding your best mate is not rocket science. But sometimes it can get challenging. And when it comes to choosing a pet for emotional support, it’s not an easy decision to choose between those puppy dog eyes and feline creatures. They are both equally lovely, adorable, and best companions.

But, if you still compare between the two, cats would seem to be a favorable choice. Studies indicate that just by watching cat videos, one could experience a boost in energy and positive emotions. So, it will not be much of a surprise that cats could become a wonderful pet for any family.

Still not convinced?

Let’s learn the science behind it. Here are a few benefits that establish the fact that cat ownership is indeed a blessing.

Cats Have a Positive Impact on The Environment

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If you are an environment enthusiast, then having a cat is better. According to a study, the diet of a dog leaves an eco-footprint similar to the size of a Land Cruiser. Whereas cats leave only a small portion of the carbon footprint that resembling the size of a small hatchback. So, owning a cat saves the environment as well. Not saying that bringing a dog’s home is wrong but who’d have known. Isn’t that exciting?

You might not be much concerned about the carbon footprint you or your pet release back into the atmosphere. But, this just indicates that it’s easier to feed cats and maintain their diets. This is something that every potential pet owner must ponder upon before choosing a new pet for their home.

Cats Help You Cope with a Loss

Losing someone close or special can be very heart wrecking. People often enter a mentally unstable phase due to such a loss. So, the best way to get past any tragedy or traumatic event is to own a pet.

Studies and cat owners’ experiences have confirmed that cats help people get over with loss very quickly. They act as a support system during difficult times. Cat owners even reported that they were able to manage their feelings very quickly by talking to their pet cats. And all of that was helpful as their pets did not judge them.

Cats Help You Find a Good Partner

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Are you unable to find a date for yourself?

Well, having a cat can be helpful. Yeah, you heard it right. A British poll found that more than 80% of women were interested in guys that liked animals or own one.

And if you think dogs won that number, you will be surprised to know that women liked men with cats more and found them to be nicer than dog owners. So, if you talk about your cat over any dating app, it may do wonders for you. But don’t forget that your cat is your mate for more than a decade, whether you find a partner or not.

Cat Owners Reflect Smartness

A survey of the British pet owners found that cat owners held more college degrees than dog owners. Another study by a scientist in Wisconsin revealed that feline owners showed more intelligence as they were able to work for longer hours because their cats required less attention than dogs in general. This allowed cat owners to manage their time better and focus on their work with more clarity.

Cat Owners Tend to Have Healthy Heart

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If you have a pet, your heart will automatically start feeling fresh and young. And owning cats can help you lower down stress levels. Pet owners in general have a 30% less chance of dying from an attack or a stroke.

Moreover petting a cat induces positive effects and helps to calm a person down pretty much effortlessly. If you come across any cat videos online, you can see exactly how happy and calm their owners are. Anxiety and high blood pressure are a gateway to cardiac diseases. Cats make sure they keep you distracted with their curiosity and this keeps you calm. Precisely why they are becoming the best option for an emotional support animal for mental disorders. If you are interested more about this topic, visit MyESADoctor.

Cats Are Full-Time Companions

People assume that dogs are more affectionate than cats. However, cats are equally good companions, specifically for women. A study conducted in 2003 found that having a cat is equivalent to having a romantic partner. And cats remember the words of love and kindness, and like any other person, return all the favors as well. They emote emotions similar to a human baby. That’s how they take the upper hand in relationships. They often cuddle in your lap and keep purring to show their affection. That beats the love any other human can express to you.

Cat Owners Sleep Peacefully

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A lot of studies indicate that people prefer to sleep with their pets, especially cats. And that they sleep better with a cat rather than a human companion. This is in fact, one of the best strategies used by PTSD patients to cope up with any form of nightmares that might induce sleep disturbances. Other than that, people feel comfortable when sleeping with cats. Cats grow old, too, which is why pet parents have to be responsible and care for their health as much as possible. This can also be done with the help of the right kind of wet food for older cats. For more info on this, click here.

Cats Mean No or Fewer Allergies

If you are planning to start a family, it is the best time to own a cat. According to the National Institutes of Health, children who are exposed to a cat when they are less than a year old have fewer tendencies to develop any allergies. And we are not talking only about pet allergies. Planning to gift your wife a great maternity gift, think about buying a cat. It would be great for you and your family as a whole. And cats are very protective of pregnant women and little toddler’s. This is something you always look for in a pet for your family.

Wrapping it up

Cats are saviors. Whether it was warning a person when he is about to have an epileptic seizure. Or waking up people to inform about a leaking gas pipe, they are amazing companions and curious creatures who can help you cope with stress and introduce love and fun in your life.

Despite common belief, cats are very sensitive when it comes to their surroundings. They may not be big attention seekers or run around the house like dogs, but their definitely have their own way of showing love and emotion. Owning a cat is not just about having a pet; it is more about having a smart companion who understands your emotions and reacts as per the situation that they are subjected to. So, don’t think again, adopt a cat right away.

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