Top 10 Fierce Animals In The World

Fierce Animals

Not all animals are very friendly with humans. We all know animals can be very fierce. There are many brutal and ferocious animals in the world, both large and small. From African Lions to the bloodthirsty Piranhas, we have it all in the list below which consists of the top ten fierce animals across the globe.

Fierce Animals In The World


Lions are ferocious animals. Especially the African Lions. This is because they absolutely show no mercy on their victim. It might be a deer for its meal or a human who has provoked it, it will not stop until the prey is dead. The African Lion’s hunting skills are exceptional as well. They cannot sprint for a long time, but for a short span they can reach up to 80km/h! That is a phenomenal burst of speed. What makes them more fierce and menacing is that they hunt in groups called pride. So when they do attack, they make sure they do not miss their prey.

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Fierce Animals


Unlike lions, leopards are solitary animals, which means they prefer to stay and hunt alone. But that does not make them any less dangerous. While most animals retreat when they are injured, leopards turn it up a notch and come at you with everything they have got. One of the biggest cats in the world, Leopards are not really man-hunters but if they do not find prey in the wild, they generally hunt the livestock. Several shootings have turned many cheetahs into killing humans as well. But when they do hunt, livestock or otherwise, these animals will not give up easily. They are relentless and won’t stop until they get their meat.

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Fierce Animals


This is the world’s largest animal and no wonder it makes the top ten list. The African elephants can be fiercely aggressive and if they are frenzied and go out of their mind, they will not stop at anything. Imagine the havoc this would cause! These elephants have been known to stomp a rhinoceros or two to death! These elephants are known to even bulldoze whole villages when they are out of control. Weighing almost 6,000 kg, you can imagine the catastrophic aftermath it can cause.

Dangerous Animals


Carpet Viper has associated with the most number of snake-related deaths in the world and this snake is absolutely ruthless. This viper uses a hemotoxin which prevents the process of a blood clot in your body, which means that you will die slowly. Unfortunately, another horrific fact about the Carpet Viper is that they are found in dry regions of Africa where there are no proper medical facilities available and the victims slowly bleed to death over a period of 2-3 days.

Fierce Animals

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Their nickname is ‘Black Death’ and obviously, there is a good reason behind it. These animals travel in herds and each herd has around 100 buffalos. They are relatively mild species when left alone but if threatened, you will definitely experience the wrath of these brutal animals. Found in sub-Saharan Africa, these buffalos are reportedly responsible for most number of hunters deaths in the whole continent. They will not hesitate to attack anything! Moreover, you don’t want to be messing with those horns. It is also one of the toughest animals in the world.

Toughest Animals


While King Cobra and Boomslang are the snake species well-known for their vicious venoms, the Black Mamba especially deadly and famous because of its speed. They can grow up to 14 feet long and are generally found in the rocky areas of Southern and Eastern Africa. It is also one of the most aggressive animals in the world. This snake species moves at a speed of more than 10 miles an hour and they don’t attack unless they are disturbed. But when they do attack, they will bite repeatedly with such force that a single bite is good enough to kill 10 people! If struck by the Black Mamba, considering its incredible speed and mega-powerful bites it is almost certainly fatal if an antivenom is not received in 20 minutes.

aggressive animals


One of the dangerous animals in the world, The Great White Shark is famous for one thing: killing. It kills and eats almost anything and everything found in the ocean. In a single year, the average food consumed by these predators is around 11 tonnes! They are merciless and a single, large bite is enough to kill a human. These sharks are even known to topple buoys and boats too. What makes them fierce is the fact that they are never intimidated by anything at all. There is not much in the ocean that pose a threat to this ruthless giant.

Dangerous Animals


One of the strongest animals in the world, Grizzly bears usually tend to avoid any sort of human contact. But unlike other bears, they do not avoid dangers but instead, face them head-on. That is what makes them so menacing. They have the strength to defeat any opponent it faces and the fact that it is not intimidated by anything is the reason why they are considered so fierce. But its good fortune that they to try to avoid humans but most attacks by grizzly bears happen when the mother bear tries to defend its baby from even the slightest disturbance to it. It is one of the most fierce animals in the world.

apex predators


A Komodo dragon’s bite has severe consequences. The unification of the highly specialized serrated teeth and the sharp venom makes this animal deadly. The way they kill its prey is also fascinating. They bite on the neck of their victim, run away and watch their victim die. Now, how cruel is that? They are very fierce animals and though they look considerably small, they can killdeers and humans as well. So it is best to stay away from this vicious animal. It is also listed as one of the apex predators in the world.

apex predators


Piranhas make this list simply because of the fact that they are so bloodthirsty that they do not even think of the consequences when they attack. A hungry piranha will eat almost anything even another piranha. One of the deadliest fishes in the world has around 20 species. However, most of them are not very dangerous, the red-bellied piranha among others have a really high reputation for killing anything and everything, so much so that there was even a whole movie based completely on Piranhas!

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So, these are the top 10 fierce animals in the world.

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