What Are The Top Places To Play Golf At This Year

When it comes to playing a good game of golf some places are undeniably better than others. Each course and location offers something different and something unique in its own right, so, just what should you be looking for when finding a top place to play golf this year, and what should you be considering to ensure that you make the right choice and make the best decision for you, and potentially those other golfing buddies that you might be traveling with.

Location, Location, Location


Where do you want to go? Where have you always wanted to go and where can you get to. There are of course golf resorts and clubs all over the world, but do you fancy traveling to Europe, or are you happy just to cross into another state? When thinking about location, think about the weather you might get. For example, if you are looking for a colder climate with maybe a bit of rain thrown in for good measure you might want to head to Northern Ireland or the United Kingdom, whereas if you want it to be as hot and dry as possible you might head to Mexico.

Cost and Budget

How much can you afford to spend and how much do you want to spend? Knowing what your budget is and knowing your spending limits will help determine the right location for you to visit. Some courses and locations are slightly higher priced than others, more run-of-the-mill courses, but you have to think about what you are getting in return for paying more money. For example, are you paying more to play by the beach or are you happy to pay cheaper rates to play near a freeway?

What To Look For at a Golf Course


Of course, not all golf courses offer the same facilities and this can make it a bit hard to choose, or narrow down your choices especially if you are trying to do a direct comparison. Try thinking about the golf clubs you use, and also think about how you play to help you narrow down your choices. According to The Left Rough there are several things you will want to consider such as the quality and look of green and the clubs and putters you use that will help determine if a club is right for you and your needs.

TOP TIP: Seek recommendations from other golfers at your local course whenever you can. Everyone will have different thoughts and opinions on where you should play but by asking local people and getting a wide range of answers you should be able to get some useful information and guidance.

A Good Green

If you are used to playing on a nice well looked green then you will want to ensure that you get this out of any new places you visit next. If the green is tough, not looked after or a little rough in places then you will find that your whole experience is ruined and not half as enjoyable as you thought it would be. A good green affects how you play, and affects your style of playing so getting it right will ensure that you get the most out of your golf playing this year, no matter where you end up.

Reviews and Personal Recommendations


Nothing beats a personal recommendation or review. What others have seen and experienced will be worthwhile to you and it will be something that you should hold in high regard. Good reviews and recommendations can give you valuable insights into locations that you would not have gotten unless of course, you had visited them prior yourself. A review or recommendation that is based on a real and true account can save you time and hassle so don’t overlook the importance of reviews.

Must-Visit Destinations

There are of course some locations in the world that just scream and ooze glamour and golf.

  • Mexico – With beaches, lush courses, and only a short hop away from the States this location is perfect for a quick getaway. A highly recommended course on the gulf is El Camaleón Mayakoba Golf Course
  • Northern Ireland – Not as glamorous (possibly) as Mexico, but with Northern Ireland, you can guarantee that the courses are green, lush, and enjoyable to play on. Slightly further afield but Europe has several good golfing locations which can be visited alongside those in Northern Ireland.
  • Puerto Rico – Sun, sea, and good golf are what Puerto Rico has, and what is even better is that it is super affordable, so no need to focus on your budget too much with golf courses in this location.
  • Spain is a beautiful country that is steeped in culture. With sun-drenched beaches, rivers, Ramblas, and mountains the views you get when you are playing at some of the best golf resorts in Europe are unrivaled and unmatched. Quite a lot of Spain’s golf courses are located in the South, in areas such as the Costa Del Sol.
  • United States ─ The ultimate golf destination. Its diverse geography means every sort of golf vacation is on offer. Stunning coastlines, dense woodlands, city breaks…you name it. For information about the best golf resorts, golf destinations and public golf courses, check out

All Year Round Playing


When choosing your location you must think about playing all year round. Some locations are seasonal and this is important as there is nothing worse than arriving at a course to find you are out of season and it is in fact like zombie land! When you have all year round playing you ensure you get a good atmosphere, and you ensure that the course, club, and facilities are maintained to the highest of standards.

On-Site Accommodation or Something Nearby

Getting the right golf club is important but so too is the right accommodation, especially if you are not staying on-site. Finding a suitable accommodation, especially in season can sometimes prove to be a challenge within itself, so before committing to a club or course you must check that you can get suitable accommodation nearby or ideally on-site.

When getting the right club and course to visit, think about transportation. How will you get to and from the course if you are not staying on-site, and is everyday transport easy enough to sort out?

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