7 Must-Visit Travel Destinations For Casino Fans

Travelling can do so much good for our physical and mental well-being. Especially when these trips include doing whatever we love the most. Some people enjoy trying different cuisines, others exploring museums. And there are those who enjoy the top-shelf entertainment of world-known casinos.

So if you are a casino lover, you can plan your next vacation to different gorgeous locations around the world where you can also enjoy some of the most amazing casinos. In this article, we will cover the top 7 locations that are must-visit travel destinations for any gambling enthusiast.

Las Vegas

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If you love casino games, then you heard of Las Vegas. The only reason why Las Vegas shouldn’t be on your travelling list is if you already live there.

Next to amazing casinos like Pallazo, Venetian, or Bellagio, Las Vegas also offer 24/7 of every possible form of entertainment that you can imagine. The concert, live shows, theme parks, are just the tip of the ice-berg. All you need to do is walk down Las Vegas Boulevard where you will find high-end stores, restaurants, and more nightclubs than you can imagine.

Atlantic City

Another go-to location for many Americans who are aching to visit a gambling wonderland. Although many of us tend to spend our time online, using the 200% casino bonus offers from Gamblizard to play our favourite games, there is also something appealing about live machines and dealers. And that is exactly what Atlantic City has to offer.

A city like no other, that will enchant you with its spirit, charm you with its kindness and capture your attention with the many extraordinary land-based venues.


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Maybe London isn’t the first place that comes to mind when we think about casinos, but it will be worth your time. Besides having the opportunity to visit all those famous landmarks like the Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, and The Tower, you will also get to visit the Hippodrome.

Spreading over five floors, this casino offers the ultimate betting experience next to the most majestic view of London.

Monte Carlo

Many people know of Monaco for its amazing coastline, the royal family, glamorous stores. But above anything else, it’s known for the most luxurious, high-stakes casinos in the world. Saving up money to travel to an expensive trip like this can be hard. Some even consider getting an online job as an additional source of income. But no matter how you decide to pull off this trip, be sure that it will be worth your every penny.

Sun City

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One of the best gambling resorts in Africa is located in Sun City. Built-in 1979, this is heaven for people who are looking for a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy some good old-fashioned gambling. Among many casinos, one that comes highly recommended is The Palace of the Lost City. Being only two hours away from Johannesburg, Sun City offers plenty of sightseeing as well as hours and hours of pure entertainment.


One wouldn’t imagine that an Indian state could find its place on our list. But it does and rightfully so. Next to a culture that is simply overwhelming for those who haven’t encountered before, and breathtaking architecture and landscapes, Goa is also famous for its all-day-long parties as well as being the only place in India that allows gambling venues. With over 11 casino resort, Goa also boasts white-sand beaches where you can relax your mind and body but also five-star hotels which will provide you with service worthy of a royal. However, the latest addition to their gambling menu is the floating casinos, some of which can take up to 270 players who can enjoy the swimming pool or a delightful dinner after visiting the casino.


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Salzburg, and Austria in general, are the usual touristic destinations for people seeking culture and beautiful mountain landscapes. However, this city by the Alps is also a fantastic location for people who enjoy visiting casinos and playing games. So if you wish to be surrounded by Baroque buildings and European spirit while playing your favourite games, then Salzburg is what you are looking for. Moreover, the Casino Salzburg is open all year long, with the exception of the 24th of December.

Casino Salzburg has a rich history. Dating back to 1934, and after closing down during WWII it re-opened in 1950. And when you get tired of playing games you can always try their renowned culinary delight or visit Klessheim Castle.


A rising star among gambling locations around the world is a small Chinese peninsula of Macau. On approximately 11 square miles, it features over 20 casinos, one of which is Venetian Macau. This famous casino became the biggest one when it opened the doors to the first players in 2007, with over 4,000 slot machines and 800 gaming tables.

Marina Bay

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Singapore might not be the most popular place for gamblers around the world, but ever since the Marina Bay Sands Resorts opened, it became an important place for players worldwide.

Whatever game comes to mind, you will find it in this iconic resort. But other than the wide variety of games, you will also be mesmerized by the extraordinaire premises. Multiple swimming pools, night clubs and over 2,500 rooms are only part of the largest atrium casino in the world. So if you are looking for an exotic location for your next vacation, then Singapore is the place to go.

Let’s start planning

The difference in having a good and amazing trip is in the planning. Now that you have all the cards laid out on the table and you know your options, you can start planning your trip to any of these locations today.

By choosing the right accommodation and booking a plane ticket on time, you could save a lot of money, that might come in handy later on while you enjoy all the possibilities of these amazing destinations.

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