9 Underrated Casino Destinations In The World

Globetrotting gambling fans have probably already ticked a visit to Las Vegas off their bucket list, but what you might not know is that there is a multitude of other amazing places around the world where gambling is legal and celebrated.

To help you book your next trip, here is a look at the best casino destinations that don’t get the attention they deserve right now.

1. Singapore


While traditionally seen as a center for business, Singapore is also home to a couple of world-class casinos, either one of which will be more than capable of impressing even the most seasoned gambler.

The top pick is definitely the Marina Bay Sands, which as soon as you see it will leave a lasting impression. Three towers, all linked together by a sky deck, sit by the bay of Singapore, and within them you’ll find hundreds of table games, thousands of slot machines, and a host of other attractions to enjoy.

Once you’ve had your fill of gambling, strolling along the aforementioned platform which connects the towers together, or even taking a dip in the stunning infinity pool, will be a great way to round out the day.

2. London

The UK is home to some of the most lenient gambling laws you’ll find anywhere, and so it’s ideal for anyone who wants to visit a land-based casino or visit an online portal like from the comfort of their home.

The capital of London is steeped in history, and also has its fair share of casinos to visit. The best known of the bunch is the Hippodrome Casino, although there are also venues in places like Mayfair where you’ll find a different class of clientele.

The best thing about treating London as a gambling destination is that it’s also a city with so much culture to take in, and so many other sights to visit, that you’ll never be bored.

3. Barcelona


Warm weather, blue seas, and amazing food are all features of Spain’s Catalonian capital. It’s also a place where the stars of the international poker scene descend each year to participate in a major tournament from late May through to early June.

As you’d expect, this means that there is also the opportunity for amateur poker enthusiasts to try their luck at the tables in Barcelona, and when you’re not trying to outwit your opponents, you can take in the wonders of this ancient city, with its stylish bars, brilliant restaurants and stunning structures including Gaudi’s iconic Sagrada Familia church.

4. Costa Rica

If you want to find an alternative to the large-scale casino experience, then a vacation to Costa Rica will tick a lot of boxes.

There are legal gambling venues here, but rather than being vast and sprawling like those in places like Las Vegas and Macau, they are typically smaller, more intimate affairs.

Often run by the hotels that house them, Costa Rica’s casinos also feature their own unique table games, in addition to the standards, so it’s also perfect if you’re tired of poker and roulette.

5. Monte Carlo


Associated with the rich and famous residents, Monte Carlo is also a place where traditional casino gaming can be found in abundance, particularly at the Casino de Monte Carlo which oozes old-school charm and drips with opulent features inside and out.

Located in the tiny principality of Monaco, this Mediterranean paradise is perfect for a short visit, perhaps as part of a tour that takes in the southern reaches of France and all of the delights that this region has to offer. You’ll not regret adding this destination to your itinerary.

6. Atlantic City

When it comes to gambling in America, the city of Las Vegas is the destination that most people pick when booking a trip.

However, there are casinos in quite a few other places, and if you’re planning a visit to the East Coast of the country, then there’s no need to trek to the far-flung deserts of Nevada when Atlantic City will be right on your doorstep.

Casinos were legalized in this New Jersey hotspot during the 1970s, and they still make a major contribution to the local economy today, with a variety of venues offering excellent facilities and of course that all-important diversity in terms of games.

Easily accessible from New York, and with a seaside setting that has a lot to offer for people who aren’t the biggest gambling fans, Atlantic City is definitely worthy of your attention.

7. Montenegro


The James Bond movie Casino Royale put Monte Negro on the map as a destination for high-class gambling, and you can visit this small nation for an exclusive getaway that isn’t as crowded or flashy as what you’d find in the aforementioned Monte Carlo.

The appropriately named Hotel Splendid is the place to be for gambling, as it has it’s very own Casino Royale ensconced ten floors up, with wonderful views of the nearby Adriatic Sea.

With lots of poker tables, as well as roulette and slot machines, it is well stocked with game options, in spite of being comparatively compact when viewed alongside full-blown casino resorts.

8. Niagara Falls

Heading back to North America, and to a wonder of the natural world no less, you can find casinos aplenty in the high profile destination of Niagara Falls.

This settlement straddles the US and Canadian border, with ample accommodation and attractions on either side.

When you have taken in the majesty of the falls, retiring to the floor for a few hands of blackjack or a bit of slots action will be the perfect way to cap off an amazing day.

9. Nassau


The Bahamian capital of Nassau has many tourists slack-jawed at its beauty, with blue waters and white sand beaches making it a tropical paradise.

It also has casinos to cater to gamblers as well, with the Atlantis Resort being the most prominent of the bunch. So pack your swimsuit and sunglasses and head to Nassau for sun-soaked days and gambling-filled evenings.

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