Top Activities to Do on the Plane

A plane is the best way to get to any place. Yet, sometimes these trips can take up to 12 hours, and it is hard not to get tired. Of course, you can watch movies or play at playamo. But some things are less popular but still helpful for long flights, and here are the main of them.

Plan the Details of Your Trip

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You have probably read a lot of reviews and articles about the places you are going to. On the plane, you can refresh and structure that knowledge. Make a rough schedule: where and when you plan to visit, what you want to see, what restaurants you need to book in advance, or which museums you can buy tickets for online. Write a list not to keep everything in your head.

Learn the Language

Knowing how to say “hello,” “thank you,” and “bye” in the language of the country you’re traveling to is a good tone. So, take a dictionary or download one on your phone and learn useful words. And the plane is also a great place to learn French, Spanish, or any other language you’re currently studying without distractions. Have a good textbook with you and you’re sure to have something to do on the plane.

Write a Letter to a Loved One

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Write a handwritten letter to someone you care about: your partner, a friend, or your mom and dad. Tell them all that is important to you, thank them for what they have in your life. And when you arrive, put the letter in an envelope, add a beautiful stamp and send it on the first day of vacation. Anyone will be pleased to receive such a message.

Get Some Sleep

When else will you have a few extra hours to sleep? Maybe you don’t need any books or puzzles, just close your eyes and the flight will pass unnoticed. On the other hand, remember that sleeping on a plane is not always beneficial. If you have a daytime flight and you arrive in the evening at local time, it is better not to sleep on the plane. You will break the regime and then you’ll be awake all night.

It is better to leave long sleep for night flights or flights after sleepless nights. In any case, bring a sleep mask, a large scarf, and a pillow for the neck. If you’re afraid of extraneous sounds, take earplugs as well.


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Meditating is useful. At least, it helps to restore breathing and put your thoughts in order. Meditation is just what you need to get rid of negative emotions and relax. It’s enough to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. If different thoughts pop into your head, don’t cling to them.

If you’re afraid you won’t make it, download a special app beforehand, like Calm or Headspace.


Pick up some exciting literature. Take a pocketbook with you, download the book onto an e-book or phone.

Tried to start Ulysses by James Joyce three times, but you kept getting distracted? Well, the only thing that will distract you on an airplane is having to choose a chicken or fish, and that’s for two minutes. But it doesn’t have to be limited to fiction. Books about personal growth, psychology, or business development can also be a great choice. On the plane, you will be more receptive to new advice than ever before. You can even take notes on the most interesting thoughts.

Make a  Global Plan for the Future

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Imagine what you would like to see yourself as in five or ten years. You have dreams for sure. But do you have plans to fulfill them? So, set yourself a global plan, in which big goals will be divided into several small ones. And you will see that what you want to achieve is not so difficult.

Create and Describe Your Perfect Day

If in your daily life, you only have time to work, sleep, and occasionally eat, the long hours on the plane can be spent analyzing your typical day. Think about what takes up your time. The drive to work: should you try some other transportation or shift your schedule by an hour? Routine: are daily meetings really necessary? Maybe they can be canceled or shortened? A couple of hours alone with yourself and you are likely to find the right solution.

Clean Out Y our Email

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If there’s Wi-Fi on board, you can go a step further and sort out your personal email. You’ve probably received numerous newsletters from magazines and brands during your working days. Now, you finally have time to read them! And at the same time, you can unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters that you never signed up for, but which for some reason come anyway.

How to Prepare for the Trip

These activities are great. Yet, your trip will get even better if you prepare for it. In this case, the following tips will be helpful:

  • Join the loyalty program of the airline you are flying with. This will increase your chances of being upgraded. Besides, you can use the lounge area before your flight.
  • Check-in early. In case of overbooking, airline staff will usually send someone from the first to check in to business or first class, so that everyone else is sure to have a seat.
  • Become a victim of overbooking. It sounds strange, but it works. If you are the person who did not have enough seats you will be offered to take a later flight. If you accept, you will probably be transferred to business or first class in return for your kindness.
  • Check in to see if there are any seats left. If there are, ask to be seated next to them. You will get a little more space and a chance to stretch out.

All in all, it is possible to make your flight amazing, even if you are afraid of planes. These activities are available for everyone, but they will surely help travelers forget that they are on the air.

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