The Ultimate List Of Countries With Digital Nomad Visas

Digital nomads are those people who, instead of committing to a 9-to-5 job, choose to work remotely from anywhere in the world. These people are mostly freelancers who can complete their tasks with the help of a mobile phone or just a few hours of work on a laptop. They usually do not have one employer, but choose to work for different clients. This means that they are not bound to be in one location at all. Of course, while traveling and enjoying themselves, they find a way to constantly complete their work duties. In fact, you could say they’re making money even while they’re on vacation.

Sometimes even digital nomads wish for a quieter life, but still, have the opportunity for freedom and adventure. The situation can be complicated by the tax obligations they have. In many countries, freelancers are undervalued and their earnings are highly taxed.

That is why there are countries around the world that are tax havens for digital nomads, or else have acceptable and facilitating conditions for them. In the last few years, many people have been living their dream, working this way, and traveling all over the world.

Some countries, on the other hand, adapted their conditions and allowed the issuance of visas precisely for these digital nomads. This opens up incredible opportunities for remote working, but also for learning the true concept and purpose of this way of working.

That’s why today we will talk more about the countries that have visa facilitation conditions for these people:

1. Тhe Czech Republic


Prague is one of the most favorite cities of digital nomads, although a freelancer visa requires you to fulfill many conditions to get it. However, if you have a trade license, the visa known as Zivno is easily available.

The program is free, but you have to prove that you have between 5,000 and 6,000 euros in a bank account to be able to start living there, but also commit to paying a fixed tax of 70 euros every month.

2. Spain


Spain offers a non-lucrative visa that is originally intended for people who already have enough money to live without working or are retired. Until recently, it was sufficient for remote workers, although the country is already working on a visa program for digital nomads. If you look at ImmigrationSpain’s website, you will see that the statute law in Spain has already been passed and it makes the visa procedure much easier for digital nomads.

Of course, an additional benefit comes from the Spanish lifestyle and excellent food.

3. Croatia


The Croatian visa for digital nomads is attracting a lot of attention because it provides an excellent opportunity to work in a landlocked country. Although it is called a visa, it is more like a residence permit, and you can apply either directly in Croatia or at the nearest embassy or consulate.

It is really wonderful to have the opportunity to work in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The permit applies to a one-year stay, but you can apply for an extension after six months.

4. Iceland


Iceland may not be the cheapest and most rewarding place to live, but considering that the visa for remote workers is valid for six months, you can enjoy enough of the beauty it has to offer. You also have to earn a lot to be comfortable. Well, if you are among digital nomads with a stable income, try Iceland.

The country offers a really comfortable life, although you would certainly have problems adapting to the food, especially if you come from places with rich national cuisine.

5. Bali


You must have been looking forward to focusing on beautiful island countries, so we’ll mention Bali first. A new digital nomad visa program means foreigners will be able to live there tax-free.

The visa is valid for five years, during which the digital nomad receives a residence permit. It is enough that you pour the earned money into the local economy of Indonesia. However, the authorities in Indonesia are still working on the conditions for this visa, which means that if you want to leave tomorrow, you can count on a business visa that lasts 180 days, or a tourist visa that can last up to 60 days. Hopefully, during that time, the correct guidelines for applying for a digital nomad visa will be released.

6. Bermuda


Bermuda has a “Work From Bermuda” program and it applies to digital nomads who work for companies that are not registered in this country. If you have your own business, you need to prove that it is not location-dependent. The visa is valid for one year, and you can apply for a longer stay.

What is relieving is that you do not need to have any proof of minimum income. However, the visa procedure costs about $260.

7. Anguilla


This is a mini island with a population of about 15,000 and is 26 kilometers long. Some digital nomads are looking for just this. The visa also includes formalities like PCR tests and examinations when you arrive.

However, its validity is one year, and the program costs $2000. But you don’t need to prove minimum income. Also, the internet speed is not ideal, so if that is not important to you, you can enjoy relaxed island life and sometimes work when needed.


You should research this topic well, as there are other countries whose conditions may suit you better. In creating this list, we tried to include countries that have different facilitation criteria, so you get a picture of the differences. Many people think that the concept of digital nomads is the same everywhere, but in fact, the conditions for their admission and residence permit can vary significantly. You can find more useful information on website ETIAS Europe.

And of course, we wish you the best of luck with your decision. This change is really big and you should love it wholeheartedly. You have plenty of time to think and assess whether you could operate in this way and where you would do it.

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