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Whether you know it or not, there is actually going to be much more to Uluru than just a big red rock. While this giant red rock is going to be one of the absolute biggest highlights that you can see in what is known as the Red Centre, there are also many other things that you will be able to do to make sure that your trip to this particular part of Australia is nothing other than memorable.

When it comes to Uluru, there are actually many things that you can other than check out the red rock. Some of these include visiting Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, where you are only going to be limited by the amount of time that you have to spend and explore. Here is everything that you need to do whenever you are visiting Uluru.


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Uluru, which is more commonly known as Ayers Rock, just happens to be one of the very few 600-million-year-old monoliths that is still standing and draws in people from all over the world and has been for thousands of years. Once you are at Uluru, there are going to be many different ways that you can explore the area. Whether it be on a Segway, bushwalking, skydiving, taking a scenic flight or even a nice helicopter tour, there are a huge number of different activities that you can utilize in order to check out Uluru. One of our favorite ways is with The Rock Tour.

Just know that during the summer months it is going to be highly recommended that you leave earlier in the morning and are back by 11am at the very latest. This is going to be the absolute best time to not only see the giant rock but to witness the amazing color changes as well.

Kata Tjuta (The Valley of The Winds)

Also referred to as the Olgas, Kata Tjuta is another one of the very popular natural wonders that Australia has to offer. Meaning ‘many heads’ Kata Tjuta consists of a large series of massive rock domes and is only a short 20-minute drive away from Uluru. What makes this area so special is that there are several different walks that you can do in order to see the massive color spectrum that the rocks have to offer.

Walpa Gorge

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Walpa Gorge, which is part of the many different species of animals and plants that flourish in the very popular Red Centre, is something that you are definitely going to want to put on your to-do list. In fact, this is actually going to be the best place available to you if you are interested in checking out some very unique fauna and flora up close and personal. Just know that the walk does take upwards of an hour, so be sure that you bring along some drinking water and plenty of sunscreens.

Kings Canyon and Watarrka National Park

The two locations are a short ride from Uluru, approximately three hours. Kings Canyon is a massive rock formation that can take up to three days to fully investigate and visit. The entire place is magnificent on its own, but it is Watarrka National Park that gives it its spark.

The National Park is home to some of Uluru’s best sights, and it is definitely a piece of natural beauty.

The park offers travelers the option of bushwalking, with more than one path available to witness the marvelous beauty found at Watarrka.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Center

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The Aboriginal people were the native tribesmen that lived on the continent before the first European settlers came. While they were vastly behind in terms of technology, they still had a lush and exotic culture that stunned the settlers.

If we are to understand Uluru and its beauty, then we need to take a look at the Aboriginal culture and learn more about it. To do so, you need to visit the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Center, the largest and most comprehensive cultural center that can explain the unique connection between the Anangu culture and the land itself.

Field of Light

The Northern Territories and Uluru are vastly untouched by our industrialized world. What this means is that the sky is extremely clear. During the night, you can experience the sheer beauty of what it means to see everything above you.

With more than 50,000 stars all for you to see, the Fields of Light is a unique event that can only be witnessed until March 31st.

The Many Heads of Kata Tjuta

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While we briefly discussed Kata Tjuta, we didn’t mention the main attraction, the many heads. Surprisingly, many people talk about the height of Uluru but fail to mention that the many heads of Kata Tjuta are taller than Uluru itself.

When on your travels, take the time off and visit the magnificent 36 domed heads of the famous Kata Tjuta. This immersive experience will be nothing alike and should be one of your top priorities for visiting Uluru.

The Sunrise

Uluru sunrises are talked greatly in every article you’ll read online. But why are they so special? Part of its magnificent is all down to the massive red rock itself. The red color reflects brightly from the early rays of the sun, giving the entire area a shade of red you’ll never see again in your life.

Witnessing an Uluru sunrise is a must-do a thing that every traveler should have on its bucket list. Furthermore, you can either do it from the outside or inside the park. Both offer the same breathtaking view, and both are an experience everyone should go through.

You can even witness the sunrise from a helicopter, which is a thing that most travelers do when visiting Uluru. There are also special tours that exclusively make sure that you witness a sunrise.

When it comes to visiting Uluru, there are many different activities that you can do. Just be sure to do a little research and you will easily be able to book the best activities that meet all of your needs.

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