VIDEO: Amazing Natural Waterslide in Fiji A Must Watch

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The video is of Taveuni Island that is located in Taveuni, Fiji. It is one of the most amazing natural waterslides around the world. Natural Waterslide also called ‘The Garden Island’. This is because of the good amount of vegetation that exists on the island. There are about 300 islands in Fiji and it is the 3rd largest island among these islands. The majority of flora and fauna that exist are protected by the two nature preserve and one national park. The human population that lives here are survived by growing coconuts, kava, breadfruit and coffee. Their homes are made of wooden walls along with metal roofs. Raining is very frequent due to the rainforest that exists here. It takes even days to get anything dry here. Tourism is also one of the major sources of income for the people who are leaving there because of the amazing natural waterslide. The place is naturally so attractive that once the visitor comes here it will be a lifetime experience.

So, we have talked enough about the Taveuni Island. Now let’s talk about the natural waterfall that exists here. Humans build waterfall to enjoy slide and have an adventure. The Taveuni Island has a natural waterfall that gives a lifetime experience. Just watch the video below and you will realize that how adventurous and amazing it will be to take the ride on this natural waterfall.

Do share the video of a natural waterslide with your friends if you think the video is amazing and the place must be visited. We also recommend you to read about incredible natural swimming pools in the world.

Natural Waterslide in Fiji A Must Watch

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