Most Famous Halloumi Cheese Brands in Europe

Halloumi Cheese

Cheese is a type of food that has been around for centuries, and its popularity continues to grow. Although people have different opinions about cheese, there are some clear reasons why it should be included in a healthy diet.

Cheese can be made from cow, goat, or sheep milk. It should be part of any healthy diet because it provides many benefits for both the body and the mind. Shopping for and cooking with cheese will give you plenty of delicious ways to enjoy this nutrient-rich food.

Have you ever wondered what all the different types of cheese are? From hard cheeses like cheddar and pepper jack to soft cheeses like Boursault and gouda, there is a cheese for everyone. And while some cheeses may be better suited for specific types of foods or occasions, others can be enjoyed at any time. Today we are going to focus more on one particular type – the Halloumi.

What is it and how is it made?

There’s a lot of debate about how halloumi cheese originated, but the story is basically that it was invented by the Greeks. It is made from a mixture of milk and whey, which is curdled and then formed into cheese. This cheese has a very high melting point, so it can be used as an ingredient in many different dishes. It is a popular choice in Greece and Cyprus, but it has also become popular across the world. It’s a great cheese to add complexity to your dishes and is perfect for those who want something interesting to serve with their food.

Halloumi cheese is a type of sour, salty cheese that originates from Cyprus. It’s made from curdled cream and has a texture that’s similar to that of feta cheese. Some people say that halloumi cheese is a better alternative to feta cheese because it has a more pronounced flavor. It can be used in a variety of dishes, including salads and pasta. If you’ve never had it before, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. There are many ways to enjoy halloumi cheese, so give it a try and see for yourself!

Best European brands



Europeans are big fans of the taste of this dairy product, and there are a few producers who make it well. Halloumi cheese production in Europe is on the rise! Four European cheese producers are contributing to this, as they are producing some of the best and most tasty halloumi around.

The first producer is located in Greece, where goats are used to produce cheese. The aged goat’s milk is then mixed with wild yeast and salt, and left to ferment for several days. The result is a cheese that has a nice elasticity and a distinctive taste.

The second one is Latvia. Halloumi cheese by Serene Dairy is a unique cheese that is produced in the countryside of Latvia. It is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and has a slightly sweet, gamey flavor. It is also known for its creamy texture and delicate flavor. This is a company that has been producing dairy products for the population of Latvia for 10 years, as well as for the entire territory of Europe. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try their products before, we highly recommend you to look for these products in well-stocked supermarkets and try their products.

If you’re looking for a cheese that offers mouth-watering flavors and textures, then you should try purchasing a genuine Serene Halloumi. Buying a counterfeit product can lead to disappointment and a lower level of satisfaction. So make sure to buy from a reliable source and enjoy this delicious cheese!

Next up is Slovakia, where cows are used to produce cheese. The milk is first pasteurized and then churned into ricotta-like rounds. It’s then put into long vertical drying chambers that range from 50-60 degrees Celsius. This process takes about two weeks to complete and gives the cheese its characteristic firmness and tangy flavor.

Finally, we have Spain where sheep are used to produce the halloumi. The milk is first curdled by adding rennet (a stomach enzyme) and then washed several times with cold water to remove impurities. After that, it’s heated up until it reaches a thickened state, which allows the cheese to become stretchy.

How to combine it with food

Halloumi Cheese combine with foods


It’s a popular item in Mediterranean cuisine and can be used for many purposes in the kitchen, including as a cheese topping or in savory dishes. Here are four tips on how to use halloumi cheese:

  1. As a grilled cheese sandwich filling: Halloumi can be used as an easy and nutritious filling for grilled cheese sandwiches. It is high in protein and low in calories, so it provides the perfect balance of carbs and fats that are needed for a good grilled cheese sandwich.
  2. Halloumi can be used as a cheese topping on salads and other savory dishes. It provides moisture and fats that will enhance the flavor of the salad. A variety of dressings can be used, such as tahini sauce, lemon juice, or olive oil.
  3. Halloumi can also be used as a filling ingredient in pies or tart shells. It lends a rich and creamy texture that is perfect for sweet or savory fillings.
  4. Halloumi can also be used as a meltable cheese replacement in recipes. It has a soft, delicate flavor that will add depth and creaminess to any dish.
  5. As an ingredient in tzatziki sauce. This yogurt sauce can be made with just about any type of cheese, but halloumi makes an ideal choice because of its thickness and richness. Adding halloumi to tzatziki will provide a delicious and creamy texture without adding too much weight to the recipe.
  6. Finally, halloumi can be used as an accompaniment to appetizers or main courses. It’s even great served cold comfort food style after dinner!

Only true cheese lovers will understand the cravings and mouth-watering after reading this article. I hope you enjoyed it and you learned a little more about what Halloumi cheese is, where it originated, what are the top producers in Europe and some tricks on how to eat it.

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