These 5 Things Make Your Resume Look Modern

An effective resume is an essential part of any job search, yet many job seekers overlook the importance of the document. Whether you’re updating your resume for a new position or simply refreshing it, there is a way to make your resume look modern and professional. When it comes to the modern resume, there are many ways to make it stand out from other resumes. If you’re looking for tips on how to make your resume look modern, these five things will help:

1. Minimal Design

To create a modern resume, you must use minimal design. This is the easiest way to make your resume look modern and clean. A minimalist design will help you stand out from other candidates because it’s simple, easy to read, and has plenty of whitespace around each section of information on the page without having any distracting images or colors in your resume (unless you choose to include them).

Opt for a Professional Template. Using a pre-made resume template is an easy way to achieve consistent branding and formatting while making sure all the essential information is included. Make sure the template you select has enough room for customization so you can highlight your skills, abilities, and accomplishments in detail.

2. Colors and Emojis


  • Use color to highlight important information.
  • Use emojis to show your personality.
  • Use color to highlight the essential information on a resume and use it sparingly! The goal is not just to make it look good but also to stand out from other resumes by using color in unexpected ways (e.g., using red text on green background).

Include Visuals. To add interest, use infographics and visuals such as charts and tables throughout the document whenever possible – they’ll help readers quickly get a sense of what you bring on board without boring them with huge blocks of text. Avoid using centered alignment—it looks outdated—and instead opt for left-aligned visuals when creating graphs or tables so they look modern and neat. Be sure any images don’t overpower or obscure important information within the document by making sure there is sufficient contrast between headings/text against background images used in the design.

Bold styling can act as visual cues to draw attention to important points; however, be sure not to use bold too often as it can diminish its effectiveness. Use one or two subtle touches like italicizing or bolding phrases instead of entire sentences or paragraphs.

3. Links and Icons

Linking to your website is a great way to show off your skills, especially if you have one relevant to the job description. This can be done by adding a link at the top of each resume section and the bottom of each resume section.

If you’re using icons instead of links, keep them small—no bigger than 20 pixels by 20 pixels—and use them sparingly (you don’t need more than three or four). You should also ensure that they’re consistent throughout all documents: you wouldn’t want someone reading through several resumes from different people with different icons!

4. Focus on Skills and Achievements


It’s essential to show your skills, but it’s also vital that you do everything correctly. In other words, if you have a lot of experience and accomplishments in one field, don’t list them all at once—instead, give readers a taste of what works for you in each section of your resume (and maybe even highlight some specific achievements).

For example, if there’s something particularly noteworthy about your work experience and education combined: “I worked at [company name] for three years and became [job title].” If there’s something notable about each part separately: “My professional interests include customer service management.”

5. Recruiters Are Paying More Attention to Personal Branding

Recruiters are looking for candidates that can be an excellent cultural fit. This means you should be able to speak the language, understand the company’s culture and values, and have a solid personal brand. A recruiter will want to know how you would fit into their team—and they will undoubtedly want to see evidence of this in your resume!

Your resume is an excellent place to start when it comes to showcasing your brand.

Your resume should reflect who you are and how well you can communicate professionally. If your employer sees someone who’s confident, friendly, and knows how to express themselves well on paper, they’ll be more likely to hire them over someone who lacks those qualities. For this strategy to work effectively, the applicant must convey their brand through their resume so that employers can recognize what kind of personality they have once they arrive at the interview stage.

Benefits of a Modern Resume


  • Clarity: With clear sections and clean lines, a modern resume maximizes your strengths by allowing potential employers to quickly sift through the key information on your profile. It also helps them easily spot gaps in your story that help make their selection easier.
  • Relevancy: In 2024, recruiters and job seekers alike expect well-thought-out resumes that strike the right chord with them. Standing out with a modern design gives you an edge against more traditional resumes that fail to communicate relevance in today’s market.
  • Customization: Customizing your design based on factors like location, industry, type of job, etc allows you to create a personalized resume tailored for each opportunity thereby improving your chances of getting noticed by potential employers.
  • Mobility: As digital technology advances and more companies move towards a paperless recruitment process, having access to digital versions of your resume increases employability tremendously. Modern designs are highly optimized to be compatible with various devices hence giving you greater mobility when submitting important job applications online.


You can only do a little to fix a lousy resume in one sitting, but you can take steps to improve yours. We hope this article has given you some ideas for making your resume more modern and appealing to recruiters. If anything, we’ve shown you how easy it is for recruiters to find out about candidates through their social media accounts without even having a job posting! All these things are coming together now in today’s world, where everyone has access to information at their fingertips.

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