Which Fragrances Should You Wear When Traveling?

Your travel itinerary is ready. The passport, outfits, and shoes are all in the suitcase, except for one important item: the cologne. Are you torn between several fragrances to bring on vacation? From popular newcomers to iconic designer perfumes, Scent Split offers the best fragrances to wear during a trip.

Are There Unoffending Fragrances?

Some perfumes are designed with traveling in mind, so they don’t suffocate other people with strong scents. There are few factors to observe if you want to choose an unoffending fragrance.

  • Look for colognes with the least number of ingredients
  • Citrus scents are the best picks for mitigating headaches, vertigo, and nausea
  • Opt for organic fragrances free of chemicals like phthalates

Travel-Size Perfumes


Portable travel colognes differ in shape and forms, each having unique benefits and drawbacks. The ultimate choice for the best travel-size perfume depends on your lifestyle. Pick from one of these:

1. Rollerball

Unlike typical prays that require spritzing, you simply glide the head directly on the skin on pulse points with a rollerball. It makes a perfect choice for when you need to reapply a fragrance throughout the journey. The best part is the hassle-free application: you just dab and go.

2. Solid Perfume

No matter the type of solid perfume you choose, you’ll be packing a fragrance that’s ideal for traveling anywhere. Solid perfume has zero chance of breaking or spilling. It is usually made of beeswax and can be applied with a simple finger swipe. What’s more, there’s no worry about the travel size limit as in the case of liquid perfumes when taking a flight. Select a solid perfume from our collection if you want to smell nice without overwhelming anyone during an excursion. Don’t forget to reapply when need be.

3. Travel Spray

It is probably the most popular type of portable cologne and the easiest to find. In any perfume store, you’ll always find travel sprays by such brands as Versace, Jo Malone, and Chanel. They come as mini versions of full fragrances (about 10 to 30 ml). That means you can slip them in the purse, toiletry bag, or handbag while on the go. Be careful with how you store them as they are packaged in glass. Wrapping a travel spray with clothing protects it from the risk of breaking.

Subtle Scents to Consider


You will smell incredible but remain subtle with these mild scents.

I. Orange

A true citrus scent is pleasant and even better when paired with vanilla or lime. Many people love the orange fragrance for its uplifting qualities. Orange has been known to relieve tension and is more invigorating than overwhelming.

II. Rose

Rose is probably the most versatile scent that blends in perfectly with almost all fragrances. A soft, sweet, and berry-like smell makes it more romantic. You can always count on rose when traveling or when you don’t know what to pick.

III. Lavender

The popularity of lavender can be attributed to its relaxing characteristics. Most people with sensitive skin prefer lavender to reduce inflammations and allergic reactions. It is also one of the staple ingredients used in aromatherapy to boost mood. You will be safe wearing a lavender-based cologne on any means of transport.

IV. Sandalwood

It has a homey smell, distinctively warm and creamy. You’ll find perfumes with floral, citrus, and woody scents incorporating sandalwood as well. Thanks to a creamy and mild powdery smell, sandalwood is the ideal fragrance for sensitive noses. Sandalwood should be on your travel bucket list if you love a bit of velvet and musk as signature scents.

V. Vanilla

Nothing is sweeter and more relaxing than vanilla. It is crowd-friendly, and many travelers love it for its baby powdery scent and soft notes. It is recommended for sensitive noses and people who love nostalgic feelings.

Tips to Bring Perfumes on an Airplane

It is okay to pack perfumes for flight, but you need to observe some rules. Preferably, put them on your carry-on or checked bags as per the 3-1-1 rule. This means you can only have one 1-quart bottle of fragrances. Each bottle of perfume should not exceed 100 ml or 3.4 ounces, according to Transport Security Administration.

How to Pack Spill-Proof Perfumes


You only need a small volume of cologne, even for a long flight. So, you don’t always have to carry the big-bottle scents. Instead, use a small container to save space on the suitcase and reduce potential spillage. There are many travel-size bottles on the market. They come with an atomizer or a spray top for releasing a mist. Transfer your favorite cologne into this small bottle using a funnel.

Once in the small bottle, secure your perfume with bubble wrap. You can also tuck it in a sock for better cushioning. Put the package in a sealable plastic bag before slipping it into your purse or handbag. Alternatively, place it deeply in between soft clothes in your suitcase. Remember that spraying too much perfume is discouraged on a flight to avoid irritating other travelers. Spray only a little mild cologne.

Test sample perfumes are not the best choice for traveling. You may pack them but use them after reaching your destination. If you bring the cologne in its original bottle, pack it properly in the carry-on or checked luggage. Failure to pack well can result in leaks that would spoil your snacks, clothes, and electronics. Fragrances are hard to eliminate, so do everything possible to prevent a mess. Here’s how to pack a full perfume bottle:

  • Seal the bottle tightly
  • Place it in a separate zip-lock bag and seal properly. Suck out all air from the zip-lock bag to create a vacuum
  • Wrap with clothes and put next to delicate items in the checked bag. Or pack together with toiletries in the carry-on bag

After a long day of traveling on a plane, train, bus, or taxi, there’s no way you’ll be smelling your best. Even though no one will notice body odor on social media photos, you don’t want to raise eyebrows due to bad travel hygiene. At Split Scent, we offer the best travel fragrances to keep you fresh, improve your confidence, and prevent scaring off fellow travelers. Pick a suitable scent and add it to your packing list.

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