4 Reasons You Should Wear a Wetsuit When Surfing

Surfing is one of the most popular water activities that require a lot of practice and skill. You have probably noticed that most people with surfboards are wearing special thin suits, even when temperatures are high. The main function of this suit is to keep a small amount of water inside, which will heat your temperature and keep you warm. However, it is very important to select the right size and model according to your constitution. If you are interested in buying this suit, click here.

This sport requires a lot of experience and practice to become good at it. Also, you should avoid some risky maneuvers if you recently started to learn surfing. Moreover, it is essential to have the proper equipment, which includes a high-quality board and a proper swimsuit. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the main reasons why you should always wear it when you are going to catch the waves.

It is a Better Option Than Wet Model

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There are two most common options when it comes to surfing clothes, and they are wet and dry models. There are some similar characteristics of these models, but the main difference is related to the influence on your skills while surfing and swimming. The drysuit can have an excellent design and comfort. However, it can deposit much more water inside, which can cause a lack of ability to swim properly. This is very important to know if you are going to catch some big wave for surfing.

Since you will need advanced skills for this adventure, the best option is a wetsuit because it can provide you with better skills and stability on the board. Also, if you fall in the water, there will be no issues swimming to the shore.

Improved Security

Besides the better swimming skills and stability, it will also get easier for you to control the board on the waves since you will feel lighter, unlike with the dry model where you might feel heavier and harder to control the board. You have to be aware that this sport can be really dangerous if you don’t pay enough attention. Moreover, you should select the proper model that will fit to your body. That way, you won’t even feel that you are wearing it in the first place, while the other options could cause a lack of your performances.

You can Stay Warm

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Unless you choose some exotic place that is popular for this extreme sport, like Costa Rica, Tahiti, and other warm places, it is essential to have proper clothes that will help you to remain warm in the water. That is especially the case with areas such as Ireland, San Clemente, Ocean City, Huntington Beach, and many other spots where you are surfing in the ocean, which can be much cooler than bays and seas closer to the equator. With this feature, you can enjoy it for a much longer time, even if the temperature of the water colder.


We already mentioned the features like stability and better control, and you can achieve them by wearing this suit since it offers higher flexibility because you won’t feel that you are wearing it. It is lightweight and water will not make it heavier, which can be the case with other models. Therefore, it is not good only for surfing. A lot of swimmers prefer wearing it, especially in areas with colder temperatures. In that matter, it is an excellent solution to enjoy the water in different parts of the world.

Are There Any Downsides?

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As you can see, there are many advantages of choosing this type of clothing. However, you have to be aware of potential downsides as well. First of all, you won’t be able to dry so fast unless you take it off while on the beach. Also, it lacks protection from getting wet while surfing since it adds a layer of water inside to keep you warm. However, it is not healthy to stay in the water for too long, especially in salt one. One of the main risks is related to potential irritation of the skin caused by salts and other substances. The best way to prevent this issue is to select a suitable model with less chance for salts to enter under it.

Moreover, it requires proper maintenance, and it might get hard to keep it clean all the time. The best way to deal with that is to wash it in the machine whenever you finish with your activities. Besides that, you should avoid drying it in direct sunlight since it can affect its features. The material used in the production of this piece of clothes is a special foam, and exposure to sunlight, while it is drying, can affect its durability and quality.

On the other hand, even if you choose a high-quality model, the durability is not as long as most people would expect. Depending on how often you are wearing it, it can last only for one or two years. Furthermore, we have to note that it might feel uncomfortable the first few times, but it will quickly adjust to your body and provide you with proper fitting.

The Bottom Line

This is one of the most attractive extreme sports. Another excellent feature is that you can choose from a wide selection of models and thicknesses, which can be very important when you are planning to surf in cooler waters. Therefore, you should choose models suitable for various temperatures. For example, if you are going to surf in a place where water is only 10 degrees Celsius, you should opt for a suite with 3mm thickness. For even colder temperatures, there are even thicker models, and you will need additional gloves, hood, and boots as well. Besides surfers, these suits are popular among divers, kayakers, windsurfers, swimmers, and many other people involved in water activities.

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