Why Indoor Gardening Hobbyist Grew So Much This 2024

If you check your social media regularly and see what type of content your friends share in the recent months, especially after the pandemic took over the world, you will see how many of them discovered they have plenty of talents. The most popular topics on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, are skincare, cooking blogs, and of course, plants and succulents.

All of these profiles seem very inspirational during the lockdowns in most of the countries all around the world, due to the coronavirus pandemic. People wanted to find something to do while staying at home, so they read books, found out how talented they are at something, baking bread, making cookies, taking care of the yard, and also, another common phenomenon was the obsession with home plants.

That’s why now indoor gardening is a huge thing between the people who needed to do something, in order to keep their minds busy, when we didn’t know anything about the virus, and we stayed at home for weeks and months, to avoid direct contacts with infected people, and stay healthy and stable.
But, why we turned to home herb gardening?

1. It’s relaxing

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To keep your hands and mind busy, so you won’t think about the dark statistics, we needed to find something that will be worth our time and effort. While we were at home for days and weeks, we all find something in us, motivational and encouraging enough, to make something that will last for a long time. Investing in plants and appropriate tools is the first step you need to take, so you can start your indoor cultivation, says hydroworld.com.au, and at the same time, you should be aware that it’s can be a huge investment, and seriously affect your budget. But, is there anything more satisfying than seeing your home plants green, healthy, and blooming?

2. It changes the way your home looks

Just one plant can make a big difference in the way your home looks and feels. Knowing that something there is alive and needs your dedication and affection makes you even more responsible to take care of it, and make your home look vibrant, warm, and comfortable.

Since we spend a lot of time at home, we needed to make everything in our power to turn it into a comfortable place for the whole family. While we stayed at home most of the time in the first half of this year, we found out our living rooms are boring, and they need some addition to look attractive. You usually don’t need to renovate and redecorate. You just need to change small things so you can get a nicer looking room, and the plants are the easiest way to do that. They are small, practical, green, alive, and refreshing with their looks, and they instantly make your home a more comfortable place to live.

3. They cleanse the air

Image source: unsplash.com

All the plants need carbon dioxide so they can run the process named photosynthesis, which is something important for them, just like the blood and vessel system is for us. Their roots take the water and minerals from the soil, and the carbon dioxide from the air. Using chlorophyll, the substance that gives the recognizable green color, the plants are turning these “ingredients” into food for them, and release oxygen as a result of the process.

4. You can have fresh garden products at home

Most of us realized how nice is to have a fresh product all the time at home when we had limited access to them. Home gardening is not just for plants that look beautiful. You can grow spices, herbs, cherry tomatoes, or chili peppers by yourself. If you find all of that satisfying, you can move the whole thing to your backyard, and make a bigger garden, and grow fresh products by yourself. It’s perfect for the environment, and you won’t have to go to the store to buy chives or basil if you have them fresh at your home.

5. They increase your responsibility

Image source: unsplash.com

The house plants look very beautiful, and you need to water them regularly, learn some important tricks and tips for them, check their soil, and protect them from pests. All of these activities are making you a more responsible person who knows how to take care of them, in order to keep them alive. So, we can say that the state of emergency in 2024 improved almost every person who is dedicated to personal development in so many ways.

6. Home gardening improves your mental health

Many people say they talk to their plants while taking care of them. We have a difficult time behind us, and it may become even more challenging, waiting for the second wave of the pandemic. Many of us needed to change our life and routines overnight, and that’s stressful. House plants have positive impacts on our mental health, and seeing them how they grow green and beautiful may have a calming effect on our nerves. Also, repotting, watering, and putting nutritional supplements in the soil is therapeutic and decreases stress levels. At the same time, you are improving your cognitive reactions, and increase your attention span.

7. It’s good for your productivity

Image source: unsplash.com

The COVID-19 changed, and it’s still changing our lives. As we are trying to protect ourselves by staying at home and maintaining social distance, many of us faced problems with their productivity, especially while working from home. But, all of the benefits combined, can make us more productive and dedicated to our work, without procrastinating, and leaving the things for tomorrow.

The benefits we listed in this article are the reason why home gardening became such a huge thing this year. As we try to survive during these hard times, our plants and succulents may encourage us to stay safe and strong, and pay attention to how we behave while out. We hope this trend will continue even after the pandemic ends because there is nothing better than seeing that we turned to nature and natural resources again.

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