10 Biggest Concert Stages In The World

Live shows, functions, or any stand-up gig requires a lot of effort. The most important part of on-stage functions is relatable with the facilities available. Large crowd gathering also requires management and different kinds of options.

These facilities usually include food stalls, water supply, and security personnel. Here at people can organize functions and other events. Event management plays a crucial role in organizing stage design, sound, and lighting. Concert stages spread across various parts of the globe provide various options. Here, you can find a list of decorated and well-known concert stages worldwide.

10 Biggest Concert Stages In The World

1. Red Rock Amphitheatre

Artists around the globe who made a name for themselves had a desire to perform on this stage. The most beautiful aspect of this stage is the natural acoustic sound reverberating across. Stretch of land covering more than 800 acres of the area covered with large natural rocks. The natural outlook of the place, along with its historical heritage, has been a location of choice for musicians around the globe.

2. Wembley Stadium

There are a few concert stages in the world as decorated and celebrated as the Wembley stadium. It needs no introduction, being the second-largest concert stadium in Europe. The stadium is the home turf for the English football team. The staggering capacity of 90,000 people, with seamless management and top-notch facilities, makes it the most sought-after stage.

3. Ohio Stadium


Crowd capacity plays a vital role in establishing a concert stage name worldwide. There are different criteria that need fulfillment before such a large gathering takes place. This stadium has a capacity of more than 100,000 people, and the unique design outlook of a horseshoe makes for a pleasant viewing experience. Celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z have performed in this stadium, amongst many others.

4. Great Strahov Stadium

Concerts happening in different parts of the globe have a clear organizing structure. Out of the places discussed by capacity, one of the largest stadiums in the world ever constructed is the Great Strahov Stadium. Located in the city of Prague, in the Czech Republic, this concert stage has a staggering capacity. Two hundred fifty thousand people can accommodate this place, out of which 50,000 to 60,000 people can sit and watch.

5. AT & T Stadium


Functions or events impact a concert stage and its popularity along with it. There are enough celebrities who have performed at this place, and the crowd was overwhelming. Taylor Swift, Metallica, and other international celebrities and bands have performed here. The total capacity is around 105,000, of which close to 80,000 seating arrangements are available. This stadium’s located in Texas, making it the home turf for the Dallas cowboys.

6. Beijing National Stadium

The year China hosted the Olympics game, it had constructed one of the largest stadiums. The purpose of this place was to hold the Olympics in the year 2008, but since then, got used many times for concerts. The first celebrity to host an event at this place was Jackie Chan. The place also has a large crowd gathering option, with a capacity of around 90,000 to 92,000.

7. Nissan Stadium


Stadiums get constructed for the sole purpose of hosting games and concerts. A large capacity helps in making up an event purposeful and beneficial in making money. Nissan Stadium, located in Japan, got built for football games. But, like other stadiums, this also started making strides in holding concert shows, with a capacity of around 75000. Famous artists and bands from the region have performed in the stadium.

8. Seoul Olympic Stadium

Situated in South Korea, built for the Seoul Olympic summer games in 1988, has a lot to offer with concerts and stage shows. Musicians and celebrities prefer a large crowd, but mismanagement creates a problem. The greatest entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson, was the first person to perform in Seoul’s stadium. Bands like Coldplay, BTS, and renowned artists like Lady Gaga performed in this stadium. The capacity of this stadium is close to 70,000, and a sought-after place for different concerts.

9. Bukit Jalil Stadium


This stadium is in Malaysia at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city. There is so much significance to this stadium and all important events it holds that striking off a few is quite tough. But, the stadium has a capacity of close to 88,000 and is an embodiment of major sporting events around the country. Again, a stadium’s success and crowd-pulling capacity are dependent on famous artists who performed in a given location. To list out, Ed Sheeran and Usher are amongst the prominent names who performed over here.

10. Maracana Stadium

Different concert stages around the world shift crowd capacity, which gets increased or decreased based on a few factors. Maracana stadium is one such example, where at the beginning, it had a capacity of 150,000. But, right now, this specific concert stage can hold 79,000 people. It has hosted world cup games and celebrities, including Foo fighters and Frank Sinatra, in Rio de Janeiro. The stadium holds a world record of amassing close to 200,000 people during the Rock Festival in Rio, where a Norwegian pop band name a-ha performed.


Functions and other events make people forget a lot of worries and enjoy the moment. A larger place gives a sense of togetherness with like-minded people; as an artist, it is a blessing to perform for such large crowds. But, deciding the biggest concert stages is not only dependent on its total crowd gathering strength, but heritage plays an important role too.

The list of concert stages mentioned are not only famous for the huge crowd gathering and world-class facility but have significance behind the construction and performers mentioned. Experiencing such an event is once in a lifetime opportunity for many and worth spending every penny.

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