Top 10 Biggest Animals In The World

To understand and study these animals in a much more detailed and comprised manner, we have segregated them. This not only helps us to have a proper study but also gives room for more systematic research. As per the human psychology, we all have an eye for large objects. Technically objects larger than us. The animal kingdom has an enormous number of large members. Here is a list of the top 10 largest animals in the world.

Biggest Animals In The World

1. Blue Whale

The largest animal on earth, Blue Whale gets its name from its color. It has a truly majestic blue color when underwater, however, it turns more into mottled blue-grey when on the surface. The broad, flat-headed mammal prefers to stay alone or in pairs. They are also one of the loudest animals on the planet. The gigantic marine species is up to 100 feet long and weighs up to 200 tons. More fascinating facts about them are the weight of the tongue which is as much as an elephant and their heart that’s as heavy as an automobile.

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Heaviest Animals
Blue whale

2. African Elephant Or Bush Elephant

Also known as the African Savanna elephants, the mammal is the largest living terrestrial animal. As tall as 13 feet in height and 24 feet in length, African Bush or Savanna elephant is mostly found in African countries. With two huge tusks, large ears and huge legs, African bush weigh as much as 11 tons. They have more than 40,000 muscles and tendons and the trunks are strong enough to lift objects as heavy as 400 pounds or more. Even though the African Bush rules in the wild, habitat destruction has put their livelihood on stake.


3. Giraffe

The African even-toed ungulate mammal is not only the tallest living animal but also the largest ruminant. Giraffe, the long-necked mammal has irregular brown patches on a light background. The males exceed 18 feet in height, while females go up till 14 feet 9 inches. Their excellent predators help them to steer clear of their predators. They only eat plants and twigs a day. However, they don’t drink a lot of water as it is compensated by their leafy meals. They are social. The males, called bulls are stronger. Giraffes have a lifespan of 25 years in the wild and 40 years in captivity.

Heaviest Animals

4. Colossal Squid

Colossal Squid is the largest squid. This giant aquatic creature is as huge as a school bus. It’s a scary thought in itself, isn’t it? Their estimated weight is up to 150kg. These creatures are quite mysterious. Colossal Squids have the largest eyes in the entire animal kingdom, each eye with a diameter of 25cm. They also have the largest beaks as compared to the other squids. It was first in 1925 that two colossal squid arms were recovered from a sperm whale’s stomach. That was when Colossal Squid came into the limelight. However, not much is known about them. It is also one of the smartest animals in the world.

Colossal Squid

5. Brown Bear

The shaggy-haired mammal is feared for numerous reasons. One of the apex predators in the world native to Asia, Europe, and Northwestern North America; there are more than 80 kinds of brown bears in the big family. The solitary animals are as tall as 48-83 inches and weigh 300-500 pounds. Siberian Brown bears are extremely large. Moreover, brown bears have a huge geographic population, which estimates nearly around 200,000 individuals. Sadly, brown bears are at risk of high mortality today due to various reasons and it needs an immediate check.

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Glacier National Park

6. Whale Shark

With a length of 40 feet or more, the Whale shark is the largest fish. So we can safely crown it as the king of the deep water. They prefer warm water bodies and are thus found in tropical seas. This large fish uses a filter-feeding technique, in this, it uses its enormous jaws to filter out everything that comes it’s away. The whale shark has a typical flattened head, with a blunt snout above its head, its sides being grey to brown with noticeable white spots along with the vertical and horizontal stripes. Whale sharks have a white belly.

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7. Saltwater Crocodile

The saltwater or Estuarine crocodile is the largest crocodile and one of the most dangerous wild animals in the world. These excellent swimmers are found in brackish and freshwater regions of Eastern India, Southeast Asia, and northern Australia. They are as long as 17 feet and weigh almost 1000 pounds. Clear and keen predators, saltwater crocodiles wait patiently for their prey and attack on them once they get a chance. An attack so deadly and fierce that it doesn’t leave behind any hope of rescue. They dine on anything that comes their way, wild buffaloes, monkeys, sharks, and even humans. Unfortunately, saltwater crocodiles are at risk of extinction on today’s date. It is also one of the toughest animals in the world.

Saltwater Crocodile

8. Ostrich

The largest living bird, Ostrich is huge. Known as flightless birds, Ostrich is found in open in just one country, that is Africa. They don’t fight, of course, but when frightened, they tend to pick up a speed up to 72.5km per hour. And if threatened, they might deliver some dangerous kicks. An adult male is up to 9 feet tall and weighs somewhere around 150kg. The females are comparatively smaller. The largest part of an Ostrich’s body is its neck. The male is mostly black in color while the female is brown. Ostrich egg is the largest egg in the world, with an average length of 150mm,diameter of 125mm and 1.35kg in weight. It is one of the fastest land animals in the world.

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9. Chinese Salamander

The largest amphibian on the planet Earth, Chinese Salamander is a living fossil and it has seen the dinosaurs too. These creatures are found underwater, yet they don’t have gills, however, they have gills as larvae which they lose with time. They have a lifespan of more than 600 years. They grow up to a height of 5.9 feet. Its tail comprises almost 60% of its body. Endemic to China, these are now cultivated all over for meat. They live and breed on large hilly streams, mostly forests.

10. Goliath Beetle

The largest insect, Goliath Beetle grows over 4 inches and weighs almost 100 grams. They are quite lethargic in nature, but they tend to be active when they come under sun rays. Mostly feeding on plants, the Goliath Beetles in captivity feds on cats and dogs. They are native to the tropical regions of Africa.

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These are the biggest animals in the world. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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