10 Amazing Festivals In The World that You Must Know

Festivals Around The World

Festival across the world depict happiness where millions of people gather and take time from their lives to have fun and joy. It’s really beautiful to see how people come together and celebrate the life. We all love to celebrate no matter from which country we belong and everyone in their religion has some festivals where people can share happiness and laughter with their own people. Here we will cover the 10 exciting festivals in the world that you must know,

Festivals In The World


S.No City Country
1 Holi India
2 Boryeong Mud South Korea
3 Rio de Janeiro Carnival Brazil
4 La Tomatina Spain
5 Oktoberfest Germany
6 Songkran Water Thailand
7 Pingxi Lantern Taiwan
8 Carnival of Venice Italy
9 Day of the Dead Mexico
10 White Nights Russia

1. Holi, India

Holi is the festival of colors. It is a Hindu festival that begins with the lighting of Holika bone fire on the eve of Holi. The next day is all about water and dry colors that people threw on each other to celebrate the festival. They also use water guns and colored water-filled balloons. People are throwing colors, dancing and enjoying their peak. Everyone is welcome at this festival. There are no strangers. Anyone and everyone is fair game. People used to throw water balloons and water guns on each other and then cover each other with amazing colors in the form of powder. Also, people love to dance, eat delicious and last but not the least share lots of laughter. You can also read about the festivals of Tamil Nadu.

Festivals Around The World

2. Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

The festival was born by the South Korean cosmetics company. They made different beauty products that have mud from the Boryeong mud flats as the main ingredient. The firm has taken a major step by not spending money on commercials instead they started the Boryeong Mud Festival so that the customers could understand the benefits of special mud. The festival has everything for enjoyment like mudslides, mud prison, mud pools, and mud skiing. This festival attracts the largest number of international visitors. All people will enjoy the benefits of the Boryeong Mud Festival by immersing themselves in both the mud and the festival’s great atmosphere. People will generally enjoy mud wrestling and even they like swimming in the mud.

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3. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil

This is one of the most famous and exciting festivals in the world. It is celebrated every year in Brazil with approximately 2 million takes part in it. It was started in 1823. The festival is all about the parade in which we have revelers, floats, and adornments. There are different samba schools in the Rio which contribute to this festival. Talking about history, Carnival is a religious celebration. The festival organised in the month of February or March that is 5 days preceding the Catholic season of Lent that starts 40 days before Easter. The festival is being celebrated for straight 2 days at Rio’s remarkable Sambadrome where approximately 90,000 spectators pay to watch 12 samba schools compete for the grand prize. You must also know about Hornbill Festival in Nagaland.

Festivals Around The World

4. La Tomatina, Spain

This festival is absolute fun. People throw tomatoes at each other along with the tomato streaked different slides to enjoy the time of their lifetime. There are amazing water showers with dancing and engaging in unlimited fun. Talking about the history, It was launched back in 1945 and hence one of the oldest festivals in the list, however, later in 1950, festival was banned but later in 1957 locals protested by carrying a coffin with a giant tomato and eventually the ban has been lifted and the festival has grown into a huge tourism boost for the country.

La Tomatina, Spain

5. Oktoberfest, Germany

This is the world largest beer festival that held every year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It runs for consecutive 16 days starting in late September to the first weekend in October. There are about 6 million people attending the festival from all around the world. The festival is all about Beer. There will be beautiful and gorgeous waitresses serving the drink. The music will be on a full roll. The festival will be a total fun for sure. One of the largest folk festival that attracts over six million visitors a year who consume around seven million litres of beer with chickens and giant pretzels. The festival celebrated for two weeks held annually outside Munich’s city centre. Along with beer, eating and dancing, people can enjoy colourful parades and fairground rides.

Oktoberfest, Germany

6. Songkran Water Festival, Thailand

This is the Thailand New Year festival which happens in the hottest days of the country. The festival is somewhat similar to the Holi in India. People celebrate it by throwing colours on each other in loud music. They also use water guns, buckets, and hoses. People also mix chalk or menthol to create the paste and then putting on each other. Elephants are also there to splash water on the people. The festival is quite famous across the globe as a wet celebration in Thailand especially Chiang Mai. Also, some of the regions of the Thailand host traditional parades and beauty contests and some of them believe in setting off firecrackers on April 13 to wave away bad luck in the New Year.

Songkran Water Festival, Thailand

7. Pingxi Lantern Festival, Taiwan

The festival is celebrated in Pingxi District in Taiwan. The festival was started to fight evil and also the disease from the town. The Lanterns that are released into the sky depicts that the town is safe. People used to decorate the lanterns with their wishes and images before sending it to the sky. The whole sky looks like a sanctuary of lights glowing by these lanterns. Talking about the history, the practice was originated from the settlers who came from Pingxi from the Minnan (southern) region of China during the Qing Dynasty. At the end of the 20th century when people began to value local culture, now it is being celebrated as an annual celebration across the country.

Festivals in the world

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8. Carnival of Venice, Italy

The festival is a 900 years old tradition. The people of Venice come alive with masked Venetians along with the tourist. There will be jugglers and entertainers everywhere on the street seems like a fairy tale comes true. People used to party at night and masked balls. The waterways of the canal cities come alive again during this festival. The festival is all about celebration os water that dates back to 1162. The festival brings life to Venice culture. People of the country come up with coloured garments and the mysterious face coverings to create a sense of the festival and bring up the spirit.

Festivals Around The World

9. Day of the Dead, Mexico

The day is a Mexican holiday throughout the country. The Day is all about to pray. People used to come together for the family and friends whom they have lost or died. People used to visit the graves of the different people who have died. There will be all lightning in the graves followed by sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favourite foods. The festival starts on October 31 and lasts through November 2. It is all about to remember ancestors who have died in order to help them on their spiritual journey. The family members used to private altars in their homes commonly known as ofrendas and on the top of it they will put photos of the dead along with favourite food and beverages of the ancestors.

Festivals Around The World

10. White Nights Festival, Russia

It is an annual international arts festival celebrated during the season of the midnight sun. The festival is all about the opera and music. There will be stunning dance performances from Russian dancers. There are also singers, musicians, and actors who will entertain you with their performances. There are international performances too. This is the largest public event that happens anywhere in Russia with annually 1 million participating in it. The majority one is students from thousands of schools and colleges. It is one of the most exciting festivals in the world.

Festivals Around The World

These are the amazing festivals in the world that you must experience at least in your lifetime. Do post your comments.

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