10 Reasons Why Birdwatching Is Amazing

Birdwatching has been becoming popular. Especially in the past few years have been very important in this aspect because of the increasing interest in ecotourism. Environmental safety and biodiversity conservation and management have been gaining worldwide fame. And with increasing interest in conservation, the related activities have also been improving.

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Here are ten reasons that will let you know what is so unique in birdwatching. You might also get interested in it after reading it.

1. Connecting with nature

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Birds are everywhere. Whether you live in a temperate region or a cold, humid country, you will find the bird around. Thus, it lets us get connected with natural things. You might not find wildlife in urban settings, but you can have birds.

We are a part of the natural world. But urban settings have taken us far away from nature, disturbing the peace of our mind. That is why it is highly essential that we get ourselves connected to nature in any way possible.

2. They will take us outside

Getting connected with nature will take us outside in the open environment. You can enjoy the company of birds and green grass and a fresh breeze. Why would you sit in your room getting suffocated and depressed by all the worries?
Birdwatching might not solve your problems, but it will have a positive impact on your psychological behavior. Thus, providing you with an active mind that will think of the solutions. Besides, you will be having the first step in getting involved with nature.

3. A flexible and fun pastime

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You do not have to fix some time period for it. And it is not a time-bound activity. You can easily find birds anytime during the day. If the weather conditions are too extreme, you can still enjoy birdwatching early and at dawn.
You can even arrange some feeding system in your backyard if you have some space. Or hang some feeding buckets outside your windows. You do not need much room for that. Birds will come to you.

4. Extremely economical

This is the most economical pastime activity that you can enjoy. You don’t have to spend too much. However, there are levels of activity. But if you are starting to get into it, you won’t need much investment. Simply go to any public park.

If you want the birds to come to you. Arrange some feeding system for them. And that’s it. You can take a start from getting to know your neighboring birds.

5. Get social

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You can make new friends and get social if you want. Of course, it is not only you that will be going for birdwatching. There will be many other people in related clubs and parks. So if you have a common interest, you can get in social contact with each other. You will be able to make connections through this activity.

6. All around the year activity

The most exceptional feature of this pastime is that it is not season bound. Whether it is summer, winter, fall, or spring, birds will be everywhere. There will always be something taking you into their world.

Besides, you will get to know more about the seasons and seasonal variations. And the natural rhythm of your body that varies with seasonal changes will get into its place. If not for this, we might not be knowing about nature and our connection.

7. Make new friends

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As mentioned above, you can make social connections while enjoying a similar activity. In addition to this, you can make new friends. Who? Of course, birds, who else? Birds will be your best friends. You only have to arrange some feeding system around your place. Birds will come to you.

You can start by knowing the birds of your place. You can also do so by arranging the nesting space. Urban settings seriously lack that. So if you do so, birds will be living with you.

8. A lifetime activity

No one gets away from birdwatching. It only takes you deeper into the natural world. You will only start from the few birds, but it will involve you in bird-related journals. And if you make some investment, you can also go to jungles. It all depends upon your curiosity about the birds.

There is not a stop to this. You will get more and more involved in birds as you begin to know them. The initiation might be just butterfly watching, but you get in to farther into the wildlife. Know about wildflowers, plants, animals, and not only birds.

9. Has a role in habitat conservation

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As people get involved in birdwatching, they will get into more about habitat conservation. Learning more about the natural world will make you understand about natural challenges. The increasing exposure of the natural world will risk its safety.

Habitat destruction is getting serious with the increasing urban community. The natural habitat destruction is posing a risk to the nesting area of birds. And as you get to know these things, you will try to minimize the effect.

10. Improves your health

The most important thing that you will do for yourself is your health improvement. It will have a positive impact on your brain health. Positive psychological health will let you think about better ideas. You will be able to deal with your problems in a calm manner.

Furthermore, you will go to parks, natural reserves and might also go for hiking. These will have a positive effect on your physical health. Your cardiovascular organs will have improved activity.


These are some of the reasons that might make you interested in birdwatching. Especially if you are thinking about whether to start birdwatching or not, this will clear out your thoughts. It indeed is a fun pastime and does not even require investments.

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