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Can Yorkies Eat Cheese

A dairy product like cheese is known to contain fatty acids, various types of vitamins, calcium, and protein. However, even though it seems like cheese may be a nutritious and healthy item to feed to dogs, would the Yorkshire Terrier’s body be able to adjust to such a diet?

When it comes to cheese, there are more cons than pros and feeding a dog with cheese may be slightly problematic for you.

Why Say No to Cheese?

Cheese may lead to upset stomachs and intestinal problems as dogs are not able to digest it very well. It contains multiple herbs that may be difficult for a Yorkshire Terrier’s body to adjust to, leading to intestinal difficulties.

Furthermore, some dogs may be lactose intolerant, and cheese would definitely not be a food option for them as it may result in an upset stomach with vomiting and diarrhea.

What Type of Cheese Is Okay?

If you are really adamant about feeding your dog with cheese, shop for ones with lower quantities of fat. The types of cheese with less fat and sodium content maybe mozzarella or cottage cheese. These would be healthier for your dog to consume in small amounts as they would be less effective than the cheese with the heavier amounts of fatty acids. Mozzarella and cottage cheeses are easily digestible for the Yorkshire Terrier. On top of that, they are also known to have a probiotic effect on the stomach of the dogs, which would be much better than the effect processed cheese would have.

The Right Amount

It is important for any dog owner to be aware of the consequences that may follow after a dog feeds on any type of food. Pay close attention to your Yorkshire Terrier’s reactions after the first time it consumes cheese. If it seems like it is unsettled, you should lower the amount of cheese or maybe eliminate it completely from its diet. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when cheese is not recommended in the first place. It is best to keep the amount low; maybe cheese could be your dog’s treat on certain occasions.

Furthermore, it is recommended to keep the dog’s medications within reach if it is going to consume cheese. Once again, any type of complication is possible and its best to be ready for it.

To sum up, it is okay to feed your Yorkshire Terrier with small amounts of cheese on certain occasions. However, it would not be advisable to make it a routine as cheese may be problematic for dogs. In addition to that, make use of cheese with lower fat as that would be more satisfying for Yorkshire Terriers. Therefore, the Yorkshire Terrier can definitely eat cheese, but the advice would be to keep it within limits.

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