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Can Chihuahuas Eat Cheese – 2024 Pet Diet Guide

Cheese and Chihuahuas, do they go together? That’s a rather strange question to ask, but it is necessary to know what to give to your dog and what not to. A dog’s nutrition can vary depending on different conditions the dog may have.

It can also vary from breed to breed. It is understandable that dogs are man’s best friend, and it is hard to resist those puppy dog eyes, but for their safety, a line must be drawn upon what is permitted and what isn’t. This article provides you with the answer to just that as far as cheese is considered.

Let Us Address the Issue

Now, to address the real question, is it okay for Chihuahuas to have cheese? You must be wondering if it is okay for Chihuahuas to have milk, so cheese, which is basically processed milk in the form of curd, must also be permissible. The real question is, how well do you know your cheese and your dog?

There are over five hundred different types of cheese, ranging from feta to mozzarella to Emmental. Cheese also goes through various stages of adding preservatives and food coloring to give the cheese that durable and fresh look. It is rich in nutrients such as zinc, vitamins A and B, and calcium.

Chihuahuas are a small breed of dogs that require intensive care for up to eighteen years and have to follow a proper dietary plan. The general concern over dogs and cheese is due to the fact that cheese may lead to health problems such as constipation and indigestion in the dog.

That being said, Chihuahuas have been fed particular types of cheese with no reported adverse effects. American cheese and Swiss cheese contain low levels of potentially harmful nutrients for the dog, so these could suffice, granted that they are given in small proportions.

The type of cheese is important to keep in mind. Take the example of cottage cheese; it has a lot of preservatives that might not settle well with the dog, making it a bad choice to feed your dog.

Cheese also has traces of lactose. Just like humans, some dogs can be lactose intolerant. The problem arises when enzymes are not able to properly break up lactose to form lactase as the body lacks that particular enzyme, causing the improper breakdown of lactose which may lead to stomach-related problems such as aches, pains, vomiting, and constipation.


The truth is that it depends on the dog and the type of cheese. Some dogs are able to put up well with it, whereas others aren’t able to and get sick. Is it recommended to give your dog cheese? Well, not really, but you can in small quantities so that the dog’s enzymes can fully break the lactose.

It is always a good idea to refer to a vet for dietary restrictions and allowance. You must not compromise your Chihuahua’s health simply because you cannot resist saying no to its desire to have a bite of cheese.

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