What Beer & Brewery Tours In Arizona Are Good For Avoiding Crowds?

Arizona is home to a variety of some of the best breweries you could ever find. You can try out different types of flavors, be they seasonal or specialty, and you will always be satisfied. The only issue people face here is the vast crowd that settles in this area from lunch to late evening. You could do various things, such as visiting early in the day, visiting off-season, and so on.

But all of this necessarily doesn’t mean that you would be able to go to a famous brewery, and there would be no waiting time. Reading below, you will find a list of the top 6 beers and breweries to visit for fantastic liquor, and you could also avoid the crowd.

Top 6 Beer And Brewery To Avoid Crowds In Arizona

When there is liquor available right around the corner, more than the tourists, locals visit breweries to enjoy some good liquor. While this sounds wholesome for many, it can be tiring for a person trying to avoid the crowd.

Especially for tourists who are trying to take their time with their wine tours of sedona and sedona red rock adventures, finding a place with less crowd is a priority. Because with a big crowd, forget about tasting the various liquors; you would have to wait in line for a reasonable amount of time to get your first glass of liquor. Read below to find out about the top 6 places where you could avoid the crowd and enjoy your beer.

1. Sedona Beer Company


Whether it’s your first time or a revisit, this place is one of a kind with a cozy atmosphere. It’s a family-owned brewery and perfect for first-time visitors. The staff is more than delighted to introduce you to different flavors and help you feel at home.

They have a long list of beers, and you can sample them all leisurely, especially when you come early in the day or around lunchtime; later in the day, it becomes pretty crowded.

Along with their fantastic sunrise beer, they also provide good food. They have good inclusivity for both vegan and non-vegan people and a delicious variety of food.

2. Oak Creek Brewing Company

It is the only brewery that has been brewing craft beer and is a brewpub as well. They are highly skilled in brewing alcohol and have been doing so for the past 25 years. You can easily find multiple beer taps inside, and when you go outside, there is an outdoor beer garden along with live music. You can thoroughly enjoy yourself and your company, be it inside or outside.

You can even go during their happy time from 4 to 7 PM daily, and you would find great discounts on your liquor. Other than that, they also have a food place located inside their brewery. Even though they do not own the food business, the food is good and goes well with the alcohol.

3. Oak Creek Grill And Brewery


Oak creek brewery and grill has one of the best views and food paired up with alcohol. You name what you want to eat, be it salad, appetizer, pizza, and whatnot; you can find anything you want to pair up with your alcohol.

Whether you want to dine between the red rock or enjoy the view, the oak creek brewery and grill is a great option. Their alcohol has won various awards, and it is a sure-shot place that won’t disappoint you.

Along with all that, you also get the chance to see live brewing in action. Their Copper Brite Tanks are pretty close, and you can easily visit them from the restaurant and enjoy your view in the full-service bar.

4. Smelter Town Brewery

Smelter Town Brewery is one of the places which has both fabulous food and beer with lesser crowds. It is a bit away from Sedona, but due to this, you will find that the crowd here is less than at the other breweries, and you can enjoy your time more comfortably. If you reach the right time of the season, you will be able to enjoy limited edition and seasonal beers. Their wide range of beer includes many like stouts, porter, and IPAs.

With the modern vibes between the historic buildings, if you want to enjoy a good quality beer with good food and ambiance, then this is the place to go.

5. Mother Road Brewing Company


It is one such place where you can enjoy both the inside environment as well as the outside. There wouldn’t be any lack of seating arrangement, and the place is cozy with a good ambiance. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s about 50 minutes away from Sedona in the city of Flagstaff, meaning you would have to take a detour from your Sedona trip.

Besides, it has a fantastic view and various fire pits to keep everyone warm. It has impressive beer and a limited crowd; even though the food is good, there is a limited menu.

6. Red Rock Brewery

Red Rock brewery is one of the most creative breweries you could find in the country. It has received various awards for the beer, ambiance, and service of the place. It is a bit crowded, but when you come during the early hours, it is one of the best places to visit.

No matter how much you hate the crowd, the beer and food aren’t something you should ever miss. It has everything you could ask for: great beer, food, and atmosphere.


Only some people are fond of crowds of people, and most people nowadays want to enjoy good beer and food in a comfortable environment. It can be burdensome when you want to try seasonal and exquisite alcohol, and there are loads of crowds around that time.

Following the list above will help you avoid most of the crowd while also taking care that you enjoy the best and limited edition beer as well. Be it early, mid or late season, the food, alcohol, and ambiance of the place wouldn’t disappoint you.

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