Top 15 Domestic Animals In The World


Domestic animals are those animals which can be domesticated by humans. They are kept as a pet and help humans in many ways. Domestic animals like dog and cat are ranked at the top which can understand humans well and learn their training process very well. Other pets like horse and camel could help a man in trading things from one place to another. Here we pick top 15 domestic animals from all over the globe,

Domestic Animals

1. Dog

A dog is ranked number one amongst all domestic animals as a best-domesticated pet. By AKC (American Kennel Club) report more than 33 million dogs have been registered as pets. The dogs have been bred by humans for a long time. They were originally bred from wolves. The average lifespan of a dog is 10-13 years. They are the most abundant wild carnivore. A dog is famous for its various physical and mental qualities such as helpful nature, guarding tendency, hunting, assisting police and military. A dog is ranked first amongst animals for its influence on humans and is therefore called “Man’s best friend”.

Though the origin of the domestic dog is not clear it is clear that they are first domesticated animals. Dogs could be trained the way the owner wants to and are listed as one of the intelligent animals in the world. A dog is considered to be the most loyal pets amongst all other domestic pets.  In total, we have 150 dog breeds in the world that are divided into 8 classes such as sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, herding, and miscellaneous. According to surveys, the most popular dog name is max followed by Charlie, cooper, buddy, jack and many more.

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2. Cat

A cat is a small, cute and agile carnivore mammal. Cats love to be pet and cuddled. Cats are extremely loyal and give them a little bit of attention and they will return you a lot of love. Cats keep their surrounding clean and their house box or home is always tidy. Cats have a poorer colour vision but a better sense of smell.  Cats have lesser taste buds as compared to humans. They can listen to the sound of both higher and lower frequency than humans. Cat has been domesticated for around 4,000 years and they were valued for both hunting abilities and for their companionship and loving behaviour. The domestic cats are also known as little cats and differ from large cats in many scenarios. Now, cats are the most popular pet in the US and UK. Cats have in total 32 teeth, however, the dog has 42 and both the species has sharp teeth.

This helps cats to listen to the voice of mice and animals smaller than cats. In the open region, cats chose height to hide themselves to hunt. Cats have an acute sense of balance and flexibility and this helps a cat to jump at a height from one tree to another. Also, read about largest cat breeds in the world. It is said by some cat lovers that cats should be considered to be the best pet in place of the dog. They say that you can keep many cats as a pet and they live peacefully, but you can keep only one dog as a pet because more than one dog cannot live peacefully. Cats don’t need a lot of space and care as dog need. Cats don’t create any noise and are quite than a dog. Cats communication include a variety of vocalisations such as mewing, purring and trilling. Study reports in 2007 suggest that Cats are the second most popular pet in the U.S. by the number of pets owned.

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3. Domestic Pig

Pigs are considered to be the most intelligent and friendliest animals in the world. Also, they are considered to be much more trainable than dogs and cats. A smaller sub-species of domestic pig called Asian pot-bellied Pigs have made popular house pets in the United States in the later 20th century. Pigs at regular domestic farmyards are kept indoors but due to their large size and destructive nature, they are allowed to roam in free space outside. The meat of a pig called Pork is used to make a variety of products such as sausage, bacon and ham.

The newborn pig species can run to their mother’s voices and even recognize their names when they are 2 weeks old. They can be as loud as 115 decibels that is 3 decibels higher than the sound of a supersonic airliner. Adult pigs can run at a speed of up to 11mph or seven-minute mile. The pig’s head is used to make head cheese similar to the head cheese often made from sheep. Pigs usually live in groups of 8-10 adult sows. In hot temperature, pigs usually submerge in mud to cool themselves. Domestic pigs can eat continuously for many hours and then sleep for many hours. One of the behaviour characteristics of the domestic pig is nest building.

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Domestic Pig

4. Cattle

A large ruminant animal with horns and cloven hoofs domesticated for meat or milk. The terminology used to describe sex of a cattle is first a bull calf and after it has grown 2-3 years it is called as an ox. The female is first a heifer calf then growing to a cow. Mature bulls weigh 450-1800 kg while mature cow weighs 360-1100 kg. Apart from milk and meat, One of the most useful animals to humankind cattle are also used to carry the heavy load which they carry from place to another. According to records of 2011, the number of cattle is estimated to be 1.3 billion in the world. Another product of cattle is dung which can be used for fuel purpose.

The social animals form naturally large herds and even a good bond to some herd members avoiding others. It a hear lower and higher frequencies better than humans and an average dairy cow weighs about 1,200 pounds. The type of eating is quite different for cows since they do not bite grass instead they curl their tongue around it. In countries like India Cows are considered to be a sacred animal. Cattle eat a large amount of food with improper chewing and later regurgitates it.



Goat is a member of the family Bovidea and is closely related to sheep. Domestic goat is sub-species of a goat which is domesticated from the wild goat of southwest Asia and Eastern Europe. According to the UN Food and Agriculture organisation, there were more than 924 million live goats around the globe. Female goats are referred to as “does* and male goat as “bucks” or “billies”. Goats are considered to be one amongst the earliest domesticated animals on earth. Goat is considered to be a very innocent animal with a very little brain. They can continuously eat grasses in the field for a long time.

The social animals goat closely related to sheep and communicate with each other by bleating. The intelligent and curious animals have a constant desire to explore and investigate anything unfamiliar that come across. They are known for their excellent coordination and have great balance and hence able to survive in precarious areas such as steep mountains and can even climb trees and can jump over 5 feet high. They even sometimes eat cans, plastic bottles and cardboard lying on the ground which sometimes harm their body badly. They are curious and agile. Goats are herd animals that love to live in a company of goats.


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6. Camel

Most useful animal across the desert. It is a gift from nature that an animal like the camel is made for easiness in regions like deserts. Camels have been famous for the fact that they can live for many days without water. They can travel very long distances without the need for water. The species of camels are categorized into three types – the first one is dromedary which makes up 94% of the world’s camel population. Second is Bactrian camel which fills the rest 6% and the third one is Wild Bactrian camel which is now endangered. Camels are even-toed and on deserts, they can even run faster than a horse. Around 500 BC Bactrian camel was used for military purposes as well.

The unique looking creatures can be easily recognized by their humps and live in the desert areas of Asia and Africa. The Dromedary camel has one hump, and Bactrian which is accompanied by two humps. Both types of camels can be domestic animals. The Wild Bactrian camel is critically endangered because domesticated variety eats all their food. The average Lifespan of the camel is approximately 40 to 50 years in the wild. The milk of camel is often a meal for tribes in the desert. The soft hairs on camel skin have a hue use in textile industry.


7. Chicken

One of the most common domestic animals, Chicken have become the culinary art throughout the regions of different cultures around the world. Chicken poultry is the most common types of poultry in the world. Chicken can be prepared in a vast range of tastes according to region and country. Chicken is eaten in a variety of ways by boiling, baking, grilling, and frying. In developed countries like the US and Canada, Chickens are typically subjected to intensive farming methods. As per the estimations of the United States, there is more than 19 billion chicken on earth which outnumbers human.

All chicken species has a full-colour vision, just like humans. The species can communicate with 24 vocalisations and each with a distinct meaning that includes a warning to other animals about a different type of predators. The bird species have pain receptors that let them feel pain and distress. It loves to play and will run, jump in a huge space, however, yet no space is being given to them with less floor space than an A4 piece of paper. Chicken is preferred over red meat as it has very less concentration of cholesterol.


8. Ferret

The domestication history of the ferret is uncertain but most of the records tell us that they are being domesticated from 2500 years. Earlier they were used to hunt rabbits but nowadays they are only kept as pets. Ferret is a European polecat. It is a mammal belonging to the same genus as the weasel. Ferrets become sexually mature at approximately 6 months and have an average lifespan of 7-10 years. They are 20 inches long including 5.1 Inch tail. Their median weight is approximately 0.7 to 2 kg.

One of the most beautiful domestic animals, been domesticated for thousands of years and even on Egyptian tombs pictures of Ferret like structure can be seen on leashes. All ferret kits have white fur at birth and newborn is too small that it can be fitted into a teaspoon. The average lifespan of a ferret is approximately 6 or 7 years in the wild. Ferrets like other pets require a cage to live at home.


9. Domestic Yak

A long hair domesticated bovid found throughout the Himalayan region of Indian Subcontinent. Its scientific name is BosGrunniens. Yaks are heavily built animals with a bulky body, sturdy legs and extremely long fur that hangs down the body of yak. Yaks have a wide forehead, smooth horns, and soft ears. Unlike cattle, yak has a long tail. Males weigh 350 to 580 kg and the female weighs 225 to 255 kg. Yaks can survive at high altitudes as they have larger lungs and hearts as compared to cattle at lower latitude.

Most of the yaks are domesticated animals scientifically known as Bos mutus for the wild yak and Bos grunniens for the domesticated yak. Of all the population, 90% of the yaks can be seen in Tibetan Plateau in the Himalayas. The close relative of buffalo and bison has an average lifespan of 20 years in the wild and slightly longer when in captivity. The third largest beast in Asia are Yaks followed by elephant and rhino.

Domestic Yak

10. Wildboar

Wild boar also called as wild swine is a Eurasian wild pig, native to North Africa, Eurasia, and Greatest Sunda Island. The animal is considered to be originated in South East Asia. Wild Boar is a bulky massive suit animal with small thin legs. They use their head for digging purposes. The size and weight of an adult boar are completely decided by the environmental conditions they are living in. Wild Boar produces three types of voices called as – Contact call, combat call, an alarm call.

The close relative of domestic pig have subspecies of wild boar that are similar in size and appearance, however, different in colour that totally dependent on habitat. The species were mostly seen in Africa, Europe and Asia (mostly in Japan, Indonesia, India and the Far East). They can very easily survive in different types of habitat that includes grasslands, taiga, tropical rainforests but they prefer life in deciduous forests.

domestic animals

11. Sheep

Since ancient times, Sheep is being the most popular domestic animals in Central Asia. Currently, there are 900 different breeds of sheep known today and approximately one billions of sheep found across the globe. There are numerous uses of the animal’s species where it can be used in medical research focused on cardiovascular disorders and pregnancy. Also, they are a source of milk, fat, meat and fleece.

The animal species can be grown upto 25 to 50 inches in height and weighs approximately 99 to 353 pounds. Talking about the appearance, they have spiral horns and they are born with a long tail. It loves to graze different types of grass and one sheep consumes approximately 2 to 4.5 pounds of food per day. The animal species are known for its good memories and they can easily recognize 50 different individuals both in the sense of sheep and humans. One of the most popular social animals likes to be in groups and follow the leader. The average lifespan of the species is 6 to 12 years.


12. Zebu

Zebu is known as the oldest breeds of cattle in the world and currently, there are 75 different known species mostly seen in tropical rainforests. Sometimes, they are also seen in open plain areas. It originates in from South Asia, however, because of its ability to survive in hot conditions, it is later introduced in the tropical parts of Africa and South America. Talking about the appearance, they have short and dense fur that can be of various colours such as grey, white, red, brown and black.

The animal species can be easily recognized by the hump on their back. Also, they have a flap of skin on the lower jaw and ears. Just like sheep, they are also grazers and loves to eat a different kind of grass. Apart from grass, they also like seeds, leaves and flowers. Zebus are seen in large groups usually known as herds. The average lifespan of the species is between 15 and 20 years in captivity.


13. Donkey

Donkey is listed as the smallest species of the horse family. One of the most useful animals initially used as working animals for carrying heavy loads and pull plough mostly in poor countries. There are approximately 41 million donkeys in the world, the majority of them are found in China (11 million approximately. It can reach upto 31 to 63 inches in height and weight approximately 180 to 1.060 pounds.

Talking about the appearance, the animal species has a large head and ears with short and stiff mane on the neck. The purpose of large ears is to eliminate the excess heat from the body and to measure a deflection of sound in the desert areas. It is a herbivorous animal that loves to eat grass and grains. Donkeys have a good memory and they can recognize other donkeys and even people after 25 years.


14. Domestic duck

Domestic ducks primarily used for eggs and meat production. One of the popular domestic animals in China was bred in from the Mallard in China and it was brought to the United States in the year 1873 and now it is most popular commercial breed duck in the country. One of the most social and friendly animals, there are numerous people in the country that want the duck to keep it as a pet. The average lifespan of the species is approximately 9 to 12 years and weighs approximately 8 and 11 pounds. They are very easily recognizable by the yellow bill and creamy white plumage along with orange shanks and toes.

Domestic duck

15. Domestic pigeon

Domestic pigeon is a pigeon subspecies that was derived from the rock dove and also known as rock pigeon. One of the oldest domesticated bird species that belongs to the Egyptian hieroglyphics for more than 5,000 years. There is various research that suggests that domestication of pigeon has been started since 10,000 years. The species has a special contribution in the human life especially during the war where they can be used as a messenger and there are various pigeons that have carried vital messages and some have been decorated for their services.


These are the domestic animals in the world. Kindly share your comments.


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