Top 11 Most Dangerous Goat Breeds

Goat Breeds

It might not really sound very important, but recently, there have been many reported cases of goat attacking people. They are nice and you can probably even consider them cute. But who would have thought these animals can be considered dangerous and ferocious? They give us meat and milk as well. But are they as innocent as everyone think? This top ten list of the most dangerous goat breeds will enlighten you on that subject.

Dangerous Goat Breeds


The mere look of this goat is ferocious and it hails from the northern parts of India. They are actual beasts and it is definitely not easy to tame them. Goat fights are popular and weighing around 70 kg and having a tough body and solid, tough horns, these are these goats are considered as the best fighter. These goats are absolutely ruthless and will attack anything in its way without second thoughts.

Goat Breeds


The Boer takes second place in our top ten lists. Hailing from South Africa, this goat species is very popular for its meat and hence they are bred from a young age but taming them is not easy at all. They are aggressive, agile and if that is not enough they have great strength as well. They are dangerous attackers. Because of their well-built body and strong, tough muscles, their meat is considered to be the most delicious among goats.

Boer goats have mostly white bodies and distinctive brown heads. However, some of the goat breeds can be completely brown or white or a combination of colors. The breed can have large spots of a different colour are on their bodies. Just like Nubian goat breeds known to have long and pendulous ears. Te breed is fast growing and has high fertility rates.

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Goat Breeds


One of the world’s amazing animals, Mountain Goats are extremely dangerous, solely for the fact that they attack anything and everything. The Mountain goat belongs to a category of animals called ‘goat antelopes’. They are animals of sheep and goat family, but they are endowed with antelope-like characteristics. Mountain Goats wool is considered to be one of the warmest. The males generally weigh around 70 kg and the females around 50 kg. They have small horns but they are unblunted and extremely sharp-edged. These goats are fearless and will attack anything that slightly disturbs them without hesitation.

Talking about the appearance, Mountain Goats has a double white layer that mostly sheds in the summer and provides warmth in the winter. The make species is known as billies and females are known as nannies and babies are called kids. The goat breed gives birth to one or maybe two babies and that too mostly in spring. The age of the breed can be counted after 22 months by counting the rings on their horns.

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Amazing Animals


Bred in Turkey as well as Syria, the Anatolian Goat is the fourth most dangerous goat in the world. As the name suggests, they have a black complexion and are mainly raised for its milk, fiber and meat. Another surprising fact about the Anatolian is that they are immune to several diseases and can survive under very harsh conditions as well. They are very aggressive and even if slightly provoked, these goats attack without any indecisiveness.

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Goat Breeds


Found in the mountain regions of Europe and South Asia. these goats are considered to be best for hunting sport and are used in the same. As the name suggests, the Hybrid Ibex is a hybrid of the wild goat as well as the domestic goat. They have long, curved horns that would scare any human. They do not generally attack human, but if anyone or anything disturb its environment or provokes the goat, it will not spare them. One who disturbs this wild goat must face the wrath of this ferocious goat. It is one of the most dangerous goat breeds in the world.

Goat Breeds


Also called the ‘Scrub goat’ or ‘Bush Goat’, this goat species originally hails from Spain but they are also found in regions of Mexico and the United States of America and they are called by various names here. They are mainly used for their meat and are also used for bush clearing purposes. If someone provokes it, they are very aggressive and will attack head-on. They are offensive almost always and can attack even their own masters.

The breed has a unique ability to breed out of the season and known to be excellent range animal because of its small udder and teats. Also, the breed can survive and thrive under adverse agroclimatic conditions with limited resources.

Goat Breeds


Originally from South Africa, breed tops the list for the most short-tempered among goats. They are short, bulky and strong and they do not shy away from fights. They do not scare easily and will attack aggressively with all their might. Their red skin serves a purpose. It helps them in camouflage and hence in protection. The thick coat of skin also protects the goat from the harsh heat conditions. They are aggressive and takes the seventh spot on our list.

Goat Breeds


I am pretty sure everyone will be taken aback just by looking at this ferocious goat. It has long, hard horns and a shaggy, thick skin which would easily scare all people and other animals as well. They are originally from the Netherlands but they show a close relationship with the landrace breed of Europe. These goats are really aggressive and just like the Spanish goats, they will attack their owner without hesitation and with those strong and hard horns, it would be difficult to escape easily.

Goat Breeds


The goat is medium in length and not so heavy or bulky, but its horns are its main asset. The horns of Rove can stand as tall as 4 feet and they are spiraled as well. Interestingly, it is one of the first domesticated goat breeds in France but earlier, these goats were primarily used only for their meat. With its 4 feet longhorns and impressive agility as well, you can imagine why this aggressive goat takes the ninth spot.

Goat Breeds


Hailing primarily from Australia, these are one of the quickest and agile among goat breeds. They are aggressive by nature. These goats stand tall and have white skin. They are primarily known for their meat and almost eight to ninety percent of meat in the industry comes from this goat breed. They cannot be overpowered easily and are stronger than what they show with their lean bodies. They attack with a lot of strength and given their quick speed, they can deliver a severe blow.

Goat Breeds

11. Anglo-Nubian Goat

Anglo-Nubian Goat is a British goat breed and originated in the nineteenth century. It is created by mixing native British goats and various populations of large lop-eared goats imported from various countries such as India, the Middle East, and North Africa. The goat breed has been identified by the large, pendulous ears and a convex profile. Also, the breed has been sent to various countries around the world and in many of them, it is simply known as the Nubian.

Anglo-Nubian Goat

So, these are the top 11  list of the most dangerous goat breeds from across the globe. This shows that not all goats breeds are innocent. Do you think there are other goats that are more dangerous than the top ten? Please let us know in the comments below. These are the top 11 dangerous goat breeds in the world. Do post your comments.

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