Top 10 Farm Animals In The World

It’s a beautiful sight to sit beside a lush green field with different animals playing around in the open. Farms are basically meant with that concept. Domesticated animals are left in a patch of land, called the farm and are looked after. They give milk, eggs, meat, and other products. This livestock is raised for agricultural purposes. They benefit the farm owner by assisting in being self-sufficient. Here is a list of the top 10 farm animals.


1. Rabbits

Rabbits are considered to be the most profitable farm animals and most seeked for. These four-legged animals hop around everywhere, but they will also stay equally happy if you put them in a cage. So the size of the farm doesn’t matter. One of the friendliest animals are self-sufficient and don’t need a lot of care, except for their cages being cleaned. The gestation period in rabbits is one month and the litter size is more than six at once. Rabbits are mostly kept for pets, the meat is quite profitable. But that’s not all. Rabbit fur is also desirable, especially that of Angora breeds. Rabbit droppings act as a great fertilizer.

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2. Pekin Ducks

Ducks are great as farm animals. They can survive in both hot and cold climate. They provide premium meat and their eggs are even bigger and tastier than that of the hens. They are healthier and are more resistant to diseases. Ducks, in general, are easy to keep. They need a big place to stay that needs to be kept clean, a small water body and that’s all. Pekin Ducks are big white ducks with large orange beaks. They are bred especially for their large eggs and high quantity of meat. They have good immunity. They are scavengers, just like other ducks. An interesting fact that you is Aflac and Donald Ducks are Pekin Ducks.

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3. Chickens

Chicken are considered as one of the most profitable farm animals. They are bred for their eggs, meat and feathers. They also keep the farm clean as the feed on bugs and seeds. They need little space to stay and also roam in open, except for the night when they need to be kept safe from predators. Chicken, just like other farm animals are very friendly and easy to keep. It is also one of the most useful animals mankind.

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4. Goats

Goats are considered to be amazing farm animals. Goat farming is quite profitable and therefore advisable. They are primarily raised for their meat, milk, fibre and skin. A farmer who keeps goats can also depend on its meat for his family. Goat milk can produce cheese and yoghurt. It also makes fine soap that is considered to be amazing for sensitive skin. The fibre they produce is of great quality. Their dung can be used as fuel, though it’s not commonly practiced today. They keep the farm clean.

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5. Pigs

The intelligent animal, pig, is the oldest form of livestock. Well, they were domesticated much before the cows. Pigs are farmed for their meat, which is called pork. There are many interesting facts about pigs. This extremely social mammal is very sophisticated in nature. They are very clean too. If you’re wondering why they stay in mud for a long time, it is due to the absence of sweat glands. They can stay in a cold temperature region than a hot region. Pigs are more intelligent than dogs and the piglets respond to their names too. Do you still doubt if they can make good farm animals or not?

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Smartest Animals

6. Cows

Member of the subfamily ‘Bovinae’ of the family ‘Bovidae’, cows are considered to be extremely friendly and profitable animal to raise in a farm. They are raised for milk, cheese, and other dairy products. They are also used to pull carts and plough agricultural land. Cow dung is used as fuel in biogas and also as fertiliser. The female is called a cow, while the male is called a bull. They are herbivores and start reproducing at the age of 2 years old. Cows bond very well with humans.

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7. Honey Bees

The livestock with wings, honey bees have helped humans for a long time. Be it to give tasty honey or provide wax, the honey bee has been a source of income. There are 20,000 types of bees in the world, each one being different and unique. Honey bees sit on flowers and herbs and collect nectar from the pollen, they convert that into honey, which is extracted from the beehive. Each beehive has only one queen bee, whose only job is to lay eggs, which is upto 2000 per day. The worker bees, who are females do various jobs, right from cleaning the hive, collecting food, feeding the queen bee, etcetera. The male bees primary work is to mate with the queen bee. Honey is either produced naturally or by the factory method. It is also listed as one of the most painful insects in the world.

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8. Sheep

One of the earliest animals to be domesticated, sheep are the descendants of the wild muflon of Europe and Asia. They were raised since 9000 BC. They are raised for fibre, meat and meat. There are over 1 billion sheep worldwide and Asia and Africa has the largest number of domesticated sheep. They are extremely innocent and harmless animals. There is a fear of getting attacked by predators, so they graze in a herd. Herbivorous in nature, they have excellent peripheral vision. They feel emotions just like we do.

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9. Quails

Quail has been livestock for a long time now. They are mostly raised for their meat and eggs. There are 20 breeds of wild quail and around 70 breeds of domesticated quail. Among them, Japanese quail is the most preferred for animal husbandry. They are the smallest farmed birds and weigh as little as 100 grams. Estimated shows that around 1.4 billion quails are farmed annually.


10. Turkeys

Turkeys are large birds native to North America. Almost 630 million turkeys are farmed annually, solely for meat. Domestic turkeys weigh more than wild turkeys. Americas love to eat turkey meat, especially on special occasions like Christsmas and Thanksgiving. Fun fact is Benjamin Franklin wanted to make Wild Turkey, the bird of the nation.


These are the top 10 farm animals in the world. KIndly share and do post your comments.

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