10 Faces Of Our Mother Nature


Nature is a very broad term; it includes all the things natural, physical, material world or universe. In a very term, we can say Nature is life. Nature can be distinguished in two parts of geology and wildlife. It can be also referred to as the general realm of plants and animals. Nature teaches us a lesson. Nature gives us happiness in different forms. Nature can be cruel lie Tsunami, earthquakes. In short, Nature behaves exactly how we treat our Mother Nature. Here we are listing 10 different forms of our Nature in photographs.

Faces Of Our Mother Nature

1. A Paradise

Nature is a Paradise for sure. Planet Earth is a paradise because it is the only planet that supports life. The natural world is beautiful with beautiful landscapes and amazing creatures distributed across the planet gives a real definition of life to this planet. Nature is our best partner because it provides all the required resources to live and thrive. To conclude, Nature gives us water to drink, food to eat, air to breathe, animals, land to live, plants, birds and the list goes on.

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2. Surprising

Nature at the same time is very surprising. Here is the pink lake in Western Australia. Lake Hillier is surrounded by eucalyptus and paperback trees on all sides and shore divides the Southern Ocean from the lake. It is about 600 meters in length and 250 meters in width. The surface area of the lake is approximately 1.5 hectares. It gained lots of importance and attracted scientists from various parts of the world because of its pink colour. The reason for pink colours still not understood by the scientists, however, most of them say it is due to the presence of the Dunaliella salina microalgae. Also, halophilic bacteria in the salt crusts could be another explanation. The lake looks more pinkish viewed from above rather than from the surface.

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Mother Nature

3. Dangerous

Nature can be very dangerous in the form of earthquakes, tsunami, volcano eruption, tornado and much more. An earthquake can be referred to as a trembling movement into the earth crust. These trembling usually occurs by shifts of the plates that make up the earth’s surface. Because of these movements, vibrations produced pass through and around the earth in waveform just like ripples are generated when a pebble is dropped into water. Similarly, other effects such as rockfalls, volcanic eruptions, landslides can also cause an earthquake. A tsunami spoken as (soo-NAHM-ee) is a series of huge waves occurs because of violent underwater disturbance that can be in the form of an earthquake or volcanic eruption

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4. Full of Contrasts

See how a volcanic eruption caused a total contrast in our Nature. The volcanic eruption is one of the powerful forces of nature that can both build and destroy. Let me explain this with an example, undersea volcanic eruptions resulted in the formation of the Hawaiian Islands and the lava that flows from Hawaiian volcano Kilauea helps in creating new coastland on the southeastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The volcanic eruption of the Tambora volcano in Indonesia is termed as the most powerful volcanic eruption in history.

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Mother Nature

5. Deep

See how deep is our Nature in the form of Oceans. The deepest known place in Earth‘s oceans is the Mariana Trench. According to the reports of the United States Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping measured the depth of the trench at 10,994 meters (36,070 feet) below sea level with an accuracy of ± 40 meters. This can be understood in such a way that If Mount Everest (highest mountain on Earth) placed at the location it will only cover over one mile of water. It was first explored by the humans when Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh descended in the Trieste bathyscaphe in 1960. Later, in 2009, scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution completed the deepest dive with the help of unmanned robotic vehicles in the Challenger Deep. The robotic reached a depth of 10,902 meters.


6. Calm and Inspiring

Nature taught us everything in some form or other. Likewise, Nature taught us how to be calm and inspiring. Nature inspires us with many lessons, firstly life is circuitous means there is nothing straight in nature, all things are a curve and a sinuous path. Secondly, we all are meant to work because everything in nature is always moving and working. Thirdly, the harder your struggles, the stronger you became because the oldest tree in the world is bristlecone pine that can live over 5000 years. Fourthly, our unnatural stress destroys life just like temperature and chemical composition destroys river and last but not the least nature has the capacity to heal because humans have done much damage to nature, however, it amazing to see how quickly places will recover.


7. Colorful

Nature is very colorful in the form of Trees and Flowers. The planet Earth is full of colors and beautiful places. There are many colorful places situated across the planet. The first and foremost is Dandelion fields with the Swiss Alps situated long the distance in Braunwald, Switzerland. The second the beautiful flower Tulip fields in the Netherlands. Then comes Suaeda plants of Red sea beach situated in China and last but not the least Grand Prismatic Hot Spring of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. One of the most beautiful lakes in the world the blue of Moraine Lake situated in Alberta, Canada is also the colorful gift of nature.

lakes in Canada

8. Adorably Sweet

We humans here distinguish between us in the name of caste, creed, sex, etc. But Nature in the form of other lives always teaches us how to love each other. Nature doesn’t know anything but to be sweet and adorable to all the species living on this planet. It has made all the necessary arrangements for everyone to live and thrive on this beautiful planet. Humans have created countries, boundaries fighting for land but nature does not have any such plans. Natural resources are being distributed among all flora and fauna in equal composition, However, humans’ needs have no end and we are somehow destroying natural resources because of our selfish needs and that is adversely affecting every life on the planet.

Peach-faced Lovebirds

9. Show us the way

Nature always taught us how to keep moving and head towards a positive life. Nature always show us the way and inspire us in multiple ways. We have already discussed this in our previous points, however, Let me share some more, Nature always teaches us to trust in yourself. You will experience this by spending some time in the wild where you need to take all decisions all alone and trust your instincts. It also teaches us to live in the current moment because If we remove humans made things like electricity, cellphone, and many things but you just need to follow the rising and setting of the sun and your life evolves in a very simple schedule.

Solar Panel in Normandy village of france
10. Peacefully Accepting Humans Excellence and Destruction

Nature is so calm and composed in its own way that it is accepting both our excellence and destruction in a very soft way. We are cutting trees and making bridges and many things just in the name of development. We are totally ignoring our nature. We need to act now to protect our nature, wildlife and our future generations because deforestation is one of the primary things that we need to stop right now. Deforestation is becoming the primary need of the man to extract assorted needs- be it medicines or precious paper to waste after removing the beautiful forest in the world. As per the data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), approximately 18 million acres of forest are lost each year. The over-exploitation of forests is making it extremely difficult to replant a new ecology.

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Mother Nature

These are the faces of nature. Do post your comments.

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