9 Tips For Increasing Sales In Your Travel Business – 2024 Guide

Many people have turned to sales in 2024, and have been trying to find the perfect balance for striking the same element of sales & productivity. One of those fields where it’s been pretty impossible to reach the pique has been in the traveling industry. Due to COVID-19, a lot of traveling guidelines and restrictions have made their impact on the traveling business. Keep on reading as we present and talk about some tips for increasing your sales in this industry.

1. You should engage with customers on social media


Travelers of all age groups are using social media networks nowadays. Most people like to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, while younger generations are all about using TikTok. With your Q&A section, polls, as well as catchy pictures or videos from different parts of the world, you can easily start & spark a conversation with your audience! Engage through the comment section, and get the needed feedback. By showing your interest they are more likely to choose you for their travel guide.

2. Provide your experience levels

By showing and talking about different products on top of the simple standard package, you are actually raising your chances of increasing your revenue per customer. You can easily do this by offering them an add-on for their booked trip. Would they want a private lunch or dinner? How about you offer them a fancy limo to the destination, a good bottle of wine, or a panoramic view of the city? Customize and cater each trip per your customer & their age group.

3. Time-management

The first step to being productive means managing your time wisely. This applies to you as an individual, and to your agency. There are so many moving pieces to your business that if you do not manage your time well, you might not get to them or work on them later on. Every Monday try to create a list of important things that need to get done within the week. Do not lose your focus and plan out different activities & engaging posts to get your customer’s attention.

4. Online booking software


Selling your offers online is the best & most productive solution, no matter the business or the industry that you’re in. Everything is accessible with just one touch of a button, which is why most customers are going to get or purchase the listed tours/items/add-ons through your site. The additional advantage of doing this is that you can receive reservations 24/7 + you don’t have to be available at all times to take their calls and write everything down manually. Plus, if you choose your online booking software carefully, you can find an affordable one that suits your needs and has additional features like SuperSaaS with automatic reminders and integrated payment options.

5. Boost your sales through a complimentary offer

If you are having trouble increasing your revenue per customer, adding a complementary offer will make them all surprised & happy. Oftentimes people love to feel as if they are getting their money’s worth through different complimentary gifts, no matter how small they are! A surprise box or basket filled with mini-skincare samples in a hotel is what every woman will look forward to getting and receiving! For men, on the other hand, this can be a grooming set, pack of beer, or key chains for the car. Be creative and see your satisfied customers talk highly of you.

6. Collaborate

If you feel as if you might be lacking resources, don’t worry about it! A lot of small & beginner-like companies often struggle to expand and grow their business. However, by connecting and collaborating with one company that is within your niche, you are looking at better odds & higher progress. You should micromanage your finances and maximize collaboration opportunities to become more profitable, quicker. You can collaborate with restaurants or businesses to provide value-added services so you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket for them. You can also work with photographers, artists, catering services – you name it!

7. Highlight the benefits of your product/service


Instead of trying to compete with your competitors or others within this field, consider posting about all the benefits of your service on a site. Your previously satisfied customers will always leave a review, which you can, later on, highlight and post proudly onto your site. Post some meaningful pictures or awards that show why you might be the best, or what makes you truly – you!

8. Find a travel niche market

One way to be a successful travel company is to find yourself early on in this business. The travel niche doesn’t need to be complicated or rare, but it has to be fun, unique, and cheerful! So, what is your niche or your end goal? Do you want to look appealing more to senior generations, or are you trying to get the attention of Gen-Z‘s? Do you offer romantic beach stays, hiking & biking getaways, or Disney trips with kids & their parents? Find what works best for you!

9. Introduce travel technology to create multi-day tours

The Covid crisis has made an impact on every field and aspect of someone’s life, including the travel industry. This is why most people had to speed up and turn to the process of digitalization of the travel industry. Most companies have turned to multi-day tours. It is good for your own benefits and for your pocket since you will get the best value out of every individual. Consider some connected trips that are within the same area.

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