Top 7 Places to Swim With Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is practically a form of therapy because it gives peace of mind and exceptional levels of joy, which means boosting your immune response, maintaining self-control, and enhancing your compassion and self-confidence. Many people who already did that, say that was the ultimate swimming experience since dolphins are very friendly with the people. In swimming centers, they are a little trained too. Usually, you can find this type of experience in marine parks. There are closed types of swimming, based in big pools, but also open type, in the sea, of course, the instructor will anyway be there to monitor the whole thing.

Also, dolphins are very social, and they won’t hurt the humans who are swimming around them. In many cases, they will let you touch them, hug them, or even kiss their forehead. We are sure for one thing – you will remember all of that forever, and you will always have a cool story to share with your friends, coworkers, and relatives. You will feel excited through the whole activity, and you must at least put it on your buck list, so you can have this exciting, but also spiritual experience as soon as possible.

But, where to go? Where are the best dolphin parks to swim with them?

Don’t worry, in this article, we will share as many places as we can, so you can have more choice when deciding where to travel next, right after the whole situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is over:

1. Curacao


This is something you shouldn’t miss if you want to have an unforgettable experience. It’s not just that they have the most beautiful beaches in the world, but they also offer luxurious trips, so you can visit the nearest tropical beaches, take your mask, and dive as deeper as you can. They organize excursions to uninhabited parts, and you can enjoy the whole thing completely. How to do that? Find out on the website, and you will realize this is one of the places you must visit if you want to swim with dolphins and explore the underwater world properly.

2. Oahu and Kona

It’s a tour based in Hawaii, and in most cases, the dolphins will eventually come to visit the tourists and socialize with them. The best thing is that at this spot, there are 13 different species, and the chances are you can see all of them. Some of them are more common than others, and that’s making the whole thing more exciting because you don’t know which one will come to you.

3. Dolphin Research Center


It’s based in Florida, and you can easily find it since it’s a pretty popular spot in Marathon. The best thing is that this center is a not-profit dolphinarium, and as you pay for your experience, you are helping their well-being. The interactions you will have with these exceptional mammals only add worth to the whole adventure. Also, the instructors and people who take care of them are there, to help you socialize with the dolphins, and tell you what to do at a particular moment, depending on the animal’s behavior.

4. Akaroa

This one is maybe the biggest dolphin place in New Zealand, and it works through the whole year. It’s full of smaller pods, and theoretically, there shouldn’t be dolphins, but because of the underwater trench, that’s somehow “inviting” the sea life. Keep in mind that this is not a licensed company. The locals will instruct you where to go, to avoid dangerous situations. The truth is that even though they are wild, dolphins here are very friendly too. They often come to the harbor, because there aren’t a lot of people around, and they feel safe to do that.

5. Dolphin Cay


You can find this park in the Bahamas, in New Providence to be more exact. It’s a luxury resort, and you will be freaked out how good are the tourist accommodations there. And while you are there, take your chance to visit the dolphinarium named Dolphin Cay, and swim in the saltwater ponds, as you socialize with one of the friendliest mammals that live in water.

6. Azores Archipelago

At the coast, 24 or more species of marine life are identified, and you can find a few species of dolphins, together with other animals around. They are living in the Atlantic Ocean, but they visit the islands and coasts around. According to some sources, there are at least eight dolphin species you can see and recognize. This destination is great for those who want to swim with the dolphins too.

7. Cozumel


The dolphin park based in Cozumel, Mexico, is one of the greatest you can find. The island by itself is breathtaking, and surely you will have plenty of magnificent photos to publish on your Instagram feed and make your Facebook aunts jealous too. In the Dolphinaris Cozumel, you can swim with the dolphins for an hour, together with an instructor near you. After that, you can go back to the boat, and continue with your Mexico adventure.

These are the first seven places that came to our minds while thinking and exploring dolphin adventures all around the world. Surely, you can find other tours too. For example, the Red Sea is a habitat of a few dolphin species, and if you try, you will surely find organized tours there. There are many resorts based in Australia and Mexico too, and also in North America, where the weather is warmer, and the city is near the ocean.

Dolphins are pretty friendly animals, and you will surely have a time of your life while swimming and socializing with them. If you have a chance, we highly recommend you choose a tour like this while you are on a vacation. Probably some of these places are closed now due to the current situation, and you will need to wait a few months. But at the first moment they are available, you can book the trip and get ready to enjoy something you haven’t seen before.

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