7 Unique Things To Do In Ibiza Away From The Resorts

There are many places in the world that are known for their particular set of things. For example, when it comes to India, people think of rich culture, colorful spices, and impressive heritage. Similarly, small cities and towns are known for some other things.

One such place is Ibiza. People associate the place as a tourist spot with wild energy and an all-night party destination. It is known for its picturesque water-flowing views and clubbing scenes. But, there is much more than just living up to parties in Ibiza.

The other noteworthy tourist sites include the monumental shrines covered with ancient touch, countryside views, chilling beaches, market side shopping activities, etc. An interesting site in Ibiza is Finca Ibiza which most tourists visit. However, finding a stay is a bit challenging, with hotels charging extensively. However, a person can find here about various living properties and hotels in Ibiza.

Apart from experiencing the nightlife and the parties, there are many things to do on this beautiful island. The following section provides a list of various things a person can plan to spend their trip in the best way.

Have A Look At 7 Must-Do Enthralling Things In Ibiza


There are several spots and activities to go for when a person visits Ibiza. The following points highlight some of the most preferred activities of visitors.

1. Going Endlessly Through Beaches

Ibiza is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. The golden sands with a warm environment give a perfect reason to spend time at beaches. It is recommended to go around different beaches and explore the hidden beauty of nature.

Some beaches are crowded, while others are peaceful locations for chilling. If the traveler is a nature lover, this activity should be their top priority. They are likely to experience crystalline waters, green vegetation, and people enjoying adventurous water sports.

Some of the most attractive beaches include Cala Comte, Cala Bassa, Cala Benirràs, and Playa de Es Canar. Furthermore, they can experience a live sunset with light music. Spending time with partners on these beaches can be one of the best decisions on the trip.

2. A Visit To Old Town

Most tourist attraction cities have an old city which is worth visiting. Ibiza is no different in this aspect. The old town of Ibiza is an excellent place where tourists can wander around and behold some of the most eye-catching visuals.

The location comprises narrow streets, local vendors, historical walls, etc. However, a walk through these streets would be very confusing. It is best to approach a local guide to visit the old town and see monuments, caves, and museums.

3. Undertake Adventurous Activities


When there are beaches, the first thing that comes to mind is water sports. There are plenty of adventure options for people visiting Ibiza. With a breathtaking view, they can perform sports like snorkeling, jet boating, paddle boating, scuba diving, jet-skiing, etc. However, one of the most buzzing sports is kayaking.

A person can find various hidden parts of the island through a kayak. They can go limitless within a specified duration. Apart from water sports, there are various other adventurous activities a person can undertake.

If a person wants to explore the island with physical activity, they can hire a bicycle and go on the streets of Ibiza. Cycling will give more flexibility in discovering various locations by themselves.

4. Shopping At Famous Spots

The Hippy Market is one of the most amazing locations for enthusiastic shoppers. The flea market is expanded to over 500 stalls with plenty of items on sale. The most common and preferred items include jewelry, handmade goods, vintage clothes, organic products, etc.

On the way to shopping, people will also get the benefit of encountering local culture, cuisine, and people. The street food in Ibiza is mouth-watering. Trying the local cuisine should be on people’s priorities list when they go shopping in local markets. Apart from this, the street shops will give lively vibes with live music, dance shows, tattoo stalls, people chattering, etc.

5. Try Horse Riding & Visiting Animal Attractions

Most people visit the attractive island with friends. However, the trend is changing, and the number of families visiting the island has increased tremendously. In such cases, horse riding is a decent option for killing time.

When families are not into parties and nightlife, they can go to the horse riding centers. A guide will give necessary instructions for riding. There are different packages for horse riding. These include – half-day tours, full-day treks, self-riding, etc.

6. Trip On Jeep Safari


Exploring the nearby places of Ibiza on a jeep can be a fun activity. Tourists can hire a jeep for a day and ride across the unknown spots in the town. A professional guide will be required to describe some hidden facts and history behind the rocks, vegetation, monuments, etc.

This activity is suitable for two kinds of people. Firstly, when a person loves to explore and go beyond the famous locations. It is suitable for those who want to try more things than mere beaches, clubs, etc. Secondly, if a person is willing to spend a hefty amount on the trip, they can go for a jeep safari as it is expensive.

7. Try Go-Karting

People can also try the go-karts of Ibiza, which will give an extraordinary adrenaline rush. There are various speed types for trying the adventure, and charges for the same differ. This activity should not be the primary activity to do. It is a great activity to undertake when a person is done visiting most places on the island.

Key Takeaway

There are countless activities to perform on the island. The guide mentioned above gives a small view of some of the most common activities. Apart from these, zip-lining, partying at restro clubs, hot-air ballooning, trying a quad bike, etc., are some other activities to undertake in Ibiza.

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