5 Reasons To Visit Semarang This Fall 2024

If you were thinking about treating yourself to an exotic trip in 2024 – Indonesia can be a great choice. However, for most tourists, a trip to Bali is synonymous with Indonesia – and in reality, this country has much more to offer.

Therefore, we are taking you to the Java province and the city of Semarang, which offers many interesting contents and locations you can visit this autumn. We are sure that for lovers of exotic trips – this will be a true adventure.

Asia, Indonesia, Java – Great Places For Adventurers

Lovers of exotic trips, according to some unwritten rule, decide on Asian countries. True, rich culture, excellent cuisine, mysteries of ancient temples, and wonderful nature – are what most often tempt us to such trips. When we talk about Indonesia, this country has become one of the favorite destinations for travelers around the world in recent years. Nevertheless, somehow more visitors decide on places like Bali – although other localities can offer even more than beautiful sandy beaches.

One such place that can be very interesting to visit – is Java province. Java is considered the administrative center of Indonesia, but in some respects, it is unjustifiably left out by tourists. However, in recent years, this situation has started to change for the better – so more and more tourists are visiting different locations in Java, as well as the city of Semarang and its surroundings. That is not surprising when we consider what this region has to offer. Here are some things you shouldn’t miss seeing.

Why Visit Semarang?


Semarang is one of the places that should be given a chance – because you will be pleasantly surprised by this place and the surroundings that are right there, nearby. We can guarantee this place will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

This is one of those places that resisted classical modernization. The nature that surrounds it is fascinating, and the people are very hospitable. At the same time, we can say that this city is almost ideal for those who are a little more economical – because the prices in Semarang are adapted to the budget of the local population, which is often very favorable for tourists.

In Semarang, as well as its immediate surroundings, you can enjoy beautiful untouched nature, rich flora and fauna, rich history and culture – and of course, excellent food. Here are the reasons why Semarang should be your next destination during the fall of 2024.

1. Umbul Sidomukti Bridge

If you are an adventurer by nature and like an active holiday and the feeling of an adrenaline rush – then this is the right choice. Crossing the Umbul Sidomukti Bridge will be a real movie adventure for you. Although it seems as if you can easily climb up to it – the truth is somewhat different.

Everything seems to be very deceptive, and you will understand that to overcome this obstacle – you need both physical and mental strength. Once you reach the end, you will enjoy the panoramic view of the valley and mountain tops. However, we recommend crossing this bridge only to those who are not afraid of heights and who are in balance – and we mean the balance in every way.

2. Try Local Specialties

For all those who love good food, this place is almost ideal. Of course, tourists here can choose classic accommodation in high-class hotels like the Aruss Hotel – but at the same time, they can allow themselves to try authentic Indonesian cuisine in one of the numerous taverns and colonial retro restaurants that take you back to the past. All tourists are always recommended to try some of the traditional local Javanese specialties such as Keradok or the famous Gado-Gado salad.


3. Visit Kampung Pelangi – Rainbow Village

In this village, located near the city of Semarang, there are 223 houses. Each house and its roof are painted with three different colors – and the walls are decorated with 3D drawings. The local bridge and all the benches went through a similar treatment. Local authorities invested about 23 thousand dollars in the transformation, hoping that the village would become a tourist attraction – which turned out to be true.

Even the mayor himself took up brushes and paints, so this town is now a lively and attractive tourist attraction. Today, the development of Kampung Pelangi has a positive effect on the local economy, as residents increasingly make a living by selling food and souvenirs to the growing number of tourists. The village is especially popular with photo-enthusiasts, although before the transformation, it was known as a haven for the poor.

4. Explore Semarang

Visitors who come to Java most often go to large centers like Jakarta. However, take our word for it, Semarang has a very rich offer when it comes to an excursion through the city itself. It would be a shame to miss walking around the city, visiting the numerous museums – as well as seeing some of the great buildings. Of course, for those who want to learn more about the history of this region, there is Taman Budaya Raden Saleh, a famous cultural show that will take you through the rich cultural and historical heritage of this city and the entire region.

5. Recharge Your Batteries In The Healing Water

The local population has known for a long time that this spring has beneficial and healing properties. It is about a spring located in Umbul Sidomukti, very close to Semarang. The combination of mountain air and healing emerald water will make you feel invigorated and full of energy after your stay in this place.


The Bottom Line

As we can see, Indonesia is not just Bali or Jakarta. Semarang is one of the places that can offer you a lot. There are other things you can visit, such as numerous temples or the slightly spooky Lawang Sewu – but what you will see depends on the length of your stay. One thing is certain – it will be an unforgettable trip. Therefore, take the chance this fall, and allow yourself to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

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