Should I Buy Wet or Dry Dog Food for My Dog

Choosing the right dog food is never an easy decision. Dog foods have more than a thousand options and varieties – each offering a special benefit and a unique offering. How do you go by choosing the best dog food for your furbaby? Let’sLet’s start with wet or dry dog food.l All dog food has two major categories- wet and dry food. Both are equally good to make a well-balanced diet and nutrition for your pal.

Before you choose a dog food, you should consider the dog’s age, health, and behavioral needs. Along with that, you have to judge the overall expenditure of dog foods. Some pet parents think dry ones are the best, while others opt for wet ones. There are a few people who integrate both categories in feeding their dogs.

Dry Dog Foods

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Dry dog food looks like kibble or biscuits with 10 to 12 percentage moisture in it. In most cases, it is a blend of ingredients like oatmeal, chicken meal, ground barley, and many more depending on the brand’s recipe. All of the ingredients are mixed to a dough similar to the bread-making process.

The dough prepared is forced through a die under heavy pressure. This process cooks the entire dough, and a cutter cuts it into kibble. These kibbles are mostly round in shape, while a few brands offer different shapes like the shape of a fish.

You may find hundreds of dry dog food brands across the globe. However, only a few of them are renowned for their high-quality ratings. Learn more about the top 5-star rating dog foods in the market.

Benefits of Dry Dog Food

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Dry dog foods are packed with all the important nutrients to keep your dog healthy and fit. Here are some of the key benefits of dry dog food.

1. Economical

Most dry dog foods are economical when you buy them in bulk. Also, they stay fresh longer and have a long expiration date. The average shelf life of these dry foods is two years from the date of manufacture.

2. Easy to Measure

Kibbles are easy to measure, and you can portion them accurately to give your pet a consistent diet. Also, this food doesn’t spoil, so you can leave it in their bowls for a long time.

3. Aids in Teeth Cleaning

There are dog foods that are formulated to reduce stain, plaque, and tartar build-up. That is because kibbles are designed in such a way that it brushes away all the build-up on teeth while eating.

4. Dry Foods are Fun

You can use dry foods in a food puzzle toy to entertain your dogs. That will help your dog’s mental stimulation and quality of life.

Drawbacks of Dry Dog Food

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To keep the kibbles in shape, dry dog foods have less fat content. Instead of fats, dry foods are rich with carbohydrates. Most active dogs require more fats and proteins for energy. Also, because of the dry nature, some breeds do not consume adequate amounts of food.

Some dry foods have high amounts of fats and proteins, but they are more expensive. On another note, small puppies can find it difficult to break kibbles down properly. So, there can be a lack of nutrition supply for your favorite pal.

Wet Dog Foods

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Wet dog foods have 70 to 85% moisture content. Other than that, wet foods are rich in fats and proteins. The animal derivative such as meat, fat, meat meals is something your pet is going to love. Also, there will be some carbohydrates because of the vegetable ingredients.

Though wet dog foods are expensive, most dogs enjoy this meal. It is good for your dog’s skin and coat. Older pets and pets with dental problems often find wet dog food an easier option to eat.

Benefits of Wet Dog Food

The canned dog food has a good number of benefits to look at.

1. More water content

Wet dog foods are rich with moisture content. This is important if your dog does not drink enough in hot and humid conditions. Experts say one whole meal can keep your dog hydrated for at least 2 to 3 hours.

2. Food Aroma

Wet dog food has a more intense aroma to attract your dog. Some dogs (particularly the older ones) can start to reject dry food because of the relatively unappealing or lack of food aroma. Wet food can be a real solution to enhance a dog’s appetite.

3. Easy to Chew


Some dogs find it difficult to chew the hard kibbles. Other than that, there are dogs with misaligned jaws, loss of a tooth, or some other facial problems. These canned dog foods can be perfect food solutions for them. Pets find it tasty and easy to chew.

4. Satiety

Because of higher moisture content, dogs feel full after a whole meal. This is good if you are concerned about your dog’s weight and looking to manage their weight.

Drawbacks of Wet Dog Food

Wet dog foods need refrigeration after opening. That is because it has a short half-life. It can spoil easily after two days of storage. So, the chance of waste is always high.

Wet dog foods are also responsible for tooth decay. That is because wet foods are more likely to stick to gums and teeth. So, there is a strong possibility of plaque formation. That means you need to be more vigilant about brushing your dog’s teeth. On another note, high protein consumption has reported upsetting digestion and stomachs in a number of cases.

Dry Food or Wet Food- Simple Tips

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  • Dry food is more economical. They are also more convenient to feed. So, you can buy dry food in bulk.
  • If your dog is a fussy eater, then try wet food. Remember, wet dog foods are more appealing with an intense aroma.
  • In case the canned wet food was in a refrigerator, then consider warming it a bit.
  • Follow expire dates strictly for wet dog foods. Dry dog food does not spoil quickly.
  • For older dogs with diminished teeth, try wet or semi-moist food.
  • In case you want to integrate both, then give dry foods in the morning. Leaving dry food for long hours does not spoil the food. Give the wet dog food in the late evening.
  • If you are completely dependent on wet dog food, then do brush his teeth regularly.

Both dry and wet dog foods have their benefits. Choose the one that suits you the most. It is better not to depend on a single type rather integrate both to give your dog the best possible diet.

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