Why Giraffes have blue-black tongue?


A giraffe is one of the heaviest animals in the world mostly seen in South Africa. It can grow up to 20 feet tall and can weigh up to 3500 pounds. You will be surprised to know that the legs of a giraffe are taller than an adult human height. A giraffe can run at a speed of 50 kilometres an hour while defending himself from predators.

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Have you ever given a thought that How Long Is a Giraffe’s Tongue? The reason is giraffe loves to eat acacia tree leaves, however, acacia tree leaves are protected by very sharp thorns. However, the long tongue of the giraffe helps him to allows it to reach the highest, tastiest leaves while avoiding the sharp thorns. Also, the tongue is having a thick layer that protects it from a cut by the thorns.

Now, let come to the point and discuss the colour of the tongue. The tongue of giraffe contains melanin, the same pigment found in the human skin responsible for tanning our skin when exposed to the sun. Usually, wildlife mammals are protected from the sun by their fur. The dark tongue of the giraffe helps them to protect it from harmful sunshine effects. The reason being giraffe spends up to 12 hours each day eating and hence it will help them from sunburn.

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